mexicans and pot smokers save marijuana??is it possible....

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  1. i was just thinking if all those mexicans stopped working and shut down factories, what if all the pot smokers stopped working for a few days wouldnt that shut down a lot of shit cause like everyone smokes. sounds like a good idea but i think it would be hard to make it happen and if it did would it even send a message to the govt??

    i dont know and could use help caus i believe if everyone does work we can make things happen as a whole

    till that glorious day of legalization, say fuck the police and smoke on

  2. i see a problem in this. If you smoke, and tell your boss im not working for this amount of days, until the government legalize it, Well...that results in getting fired, because well, now he knows ur druggie.
  3. The 'fuck the police' attitude is why weed is still illegal.
  4. It won't work. A huge chunk of smokers are white-collar professionals who have a lot to lose by admitting to drug use. I know most of the smokers I know are this way.

    You'd end up with something that looks like every Hempfest: A bunch of underage kids acting like retards and a bunch of college age and up stoner-looking people. There'd be like a dozen white-collar types just to mix it up, but overall the type of people who'd stay home from work for something like this are the kind of people who have jobs that don't matter.
  5. why do you say that.. if you didnt have the "fuck the police" attitude then everyone wouldnt smoke because its against the law and there would be no point in making weed legal

  6. In my opinion, that's a very shortsighted and narrow view, dealer#420. Alpha is exactly correct in saying that attitude is a very big reason that pot is still illegal. How can we win the public debate if we have that attitude? The reason pot is illegal is because the government waged a years long war against the herb, and succesfully got the public, in general, to buy into its propaganda that tokin' up made people crazy (heard of "Reefer Madness"?), and made black guys want to rape white women (remember, this was back in the early 20th century).

    That allowed the government to be able to pass legislation that, in effect, made pot illegal to possess. Unless, of course you had a tax stamp, but you couldn't pay the tax & get the stamp unless you had your stash on you, and that meant you were illegally carrying unstamped herb. Beautiful how that worked. Now, pot is just outright illegal, and rated as one of the most dangerous illicit substances, according to the Feds. At least many states woke up to the fact that the federal government has been making a bogus case, and chose to decriminalize the green goodness. That's a great first step.

    Now, to further our efforts to get pot legalized, again, we need to show that pot smokers are also otherwise law-abiding people, and rational. "Fuck the police" destroys that foundation. Besides, most cops that I have met have either toked up themselves, or refused to arrest people with reasonable quantities on their person. Instead of "fuck the police", maybe we should say "convince the police" that weed is less harmful than alcohol, by a far stretch. If we are to have any success in changing the minds of Jane & John Q. Public, we need to show that we are no different than Jane & John Q Public.


  7. i couldnt have said it better myself.+rep We gotta show MOST tokers are regular members of society, not teenage anarchists hollering FUCK THE POLICE.
  8. ok everyone destroyed me, dosent make me feel very good and those are all good points. but when you see the police take your friends to jail for a dime, a seed and petty shit like that i have no choice but to say fuck the police, they are making my weed prices higher than they need to be, im sorry but for a lot of stoners who get majorly fucked up by the police being there i dont understand why you defend the police

    yes, fuck them, and i also dont see legalization taking place because they are already in control and there is not much we can do

    why respect and defend someone you do not like and is not your friend

    yall ripped me the fuck apart man, i know its like impossible and all we have is hope

    sorry for making this so long..... but no one really touched the exact subject and went straight to fucking the police
  9. shit mane do what you do
    people go say what they say
    but i see your point man but it just seems too impossible
    but yeah man fuck the police is all i can think aobut also caus iv seen the same shit you saw, well being friends and all

    well good idea, with no real form
  10. 100% truth, +rep.
  11. i agree also, one of the easiest ways to get a cop on your side is to show respect. Respect their job, and remember it is just a job. These guys are human just like us. With every ticket they write they have paper work to fill out court cases to go to, time and aggravation are involved in each traffic stop, searching your car homes. I had a cop that kept hassling me. I got tired of it and went to the police station and had them call him in. After he got there I talked to him, remembering he was a person, and now he and i are cool. The best way to deal with anyone is to treat them with respect. Police know the public hates them, and so they are instantly on the offensive when have to confront someone. Once they realize your respect for them and you present them no danger and your not going to go crazy cussing them and trying to fight them, they calm down making them easier to say ok heres a warning. I got out of going to jail just last night by not acting like a dick when i was pulled because my tail light was out and found out my license had been suspended. I should have gone to jail, but after 20 minutes of talking to the cop he let me get back in my car and drive home. He still gave me a ticket but when i go to court he is going to drop it. But he had to at least write the ticket. Remember he has a job to do also.
  12. I know what you're trying to say here, Joint, but that's only partially true. Alot of people who are daily tokers and are responsible people are also important people who have the freedom to say what they want about weed. These are generally the self employed, such as professional writers, artists, poets, or simply people who work out of their home. These people don't have jobs that take daily drug tests nor are they harassed by people at work usually because they work out of their own home or business.

    I know you were referring to those who usually work at mcdonalds, or mall outlets and whatnot, but I believe that alot more people would be available to join in on something like this sort of event simply because there's ALOT of people who are self-employed or work out of their home that also smoke a shitload of weed. Put those together with your teenagers and college kids and even without the white-collar America, that'd be a shitload of Americans, we just need ALOT more ganja related forums so that people realize how huge this kind of community really is.

    I mean, I feel comfortable talking with most people I meet these days that I smoke ganja. I don't say it half hazardly, I usually wait to see if people are pretty chill before I lay it out there. Most people don't really care one way or another I've noticed. Those that don't approve will usually say so and I just say it's a disagreement and to feel free to talk about it if they want to. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but I never get angry about it and whatnot. Sometimes I've changed people's minds, other times not, but people generally don't let one little vice get in the way of a possibly good friendship/association, so that's a positive thing/reflection on society I think.

    I know it's not like that in all areas of America though, so I can see why there might be some pessimism in regards to this proposal, but I think overall, things are changing. I mean, there's a larger proportion of stoners today than there has been throughout man's history. The simple fact that some officers of the law are becoming jaded about the marijuana laws is testament to the simple fact that marijuana is not going away. Whether or not one chooses to approve, dissapprove, or care less about this is up to them, but any intelligent person, stoner or not, would agree that marijuana, and all drugs, for that matter, are not going to disappear and MOST would probably agree that our current drug laws have been ineffective at curbing drug use, which has always been said laws' purpose.

    Thusly it is common sense that at least ammendments must be made to our current drug laws in the direction of becoming more and more lax. This simple common sensibility is hitting more and more Americans every day; whether or not these people approve of the drug's use or not has become irrelevant simply due to the fact that our drug laws and our government's DEA have done little to solve the supposed "drug problem" in America and thusly should be removed from our society ENTIRELY.

    When this common sense hits people, their children are raised with the same common sense (usually) and so on and so on, until one day we wake up and marijuana is no longer an issue in people's minds, they don't question it as an immoral or moral part of a person's life, they simply regard it as one of those things that is there, always will be there, and thusly should be lived WITH.

    To return to my original thought, I believe that this isn't a bad idea as an event, I would go. But to elaborate: legalization IS coming, just VERY slowly, but it's coming. Hang in there, raise kids, raise awareness, and relax and don't get down, legalization is coming.

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