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  1. I am heading to a resort in Mexico in about a week (the Barcelo Maya Colonial resort to be exact) and was just wondering what to expect as far as can I smoke, will it be easy to find bud there, etc? Any helpful tips and hints and info would be much appreciated.
  2. I dont recommend leaving the resorts if they are all inclusive. Dont try to score bud in a war zone. Cartels are havin a field day on tourists looking for drugs on vacation.
  3. I won't be leaving the resort at all. the resort is all inclusive so no need. but will there be any way to find it around the resort. will i be able to smoke around the resorts? id definitely like to be able to enjoy some smoke on this should-be-amazing trip.
  4. Try looking for a WWOOF farm.
  5. Ever watch Locked up Abroad?
  6. Mota ... ask for mota... and You could not pay me to go to Mexico right now... you are putting your life in ALOT of danger by going there. Regardless of if you leave the resort or not... ALOT OF DANGER... but if you must.. mota = weed in

    When I was there I scored from Taxi But if you find someone that looks the part... then they can probally hook u up. that is if the dont jack
  7. When i went to the Dominican Republic the people that worked there smoked and could get you some.

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