Mexican Drug Lord Thanks American Lawmakers for Keeping Drugs Illegal

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Mafia93, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. ive been telling people this for years. People are morons when they just think "drugs are bad! make them illegal!" no there are severe consequences as Mexico knows all too well. The thing is that the top drug dealers are Bush and the other presidents themselves, so...... Ron Paul 2012!
  2. Wow, this may actually encourage people to legalize marijuana. Nice find.
  3. unfortunately its from 2009...
  4. doesn't make it any less truthful.
  5. This was a pretty good article, thank you.
  6. hahaha American politicians are so fucking stupid. Lets do the exact opposite of the logical thing so we can make money while hundreds of people are killed. All of congress should be dumped on its head and sent to Mexico to live in the streets. Seriously that would be sick, justice served right. Then all those treasonous bastards can see the ACTUAL consequences of their decisions rather than seeing it as a new lexus in the driveway. Fuckin sickening, is it wrong that i want to destroy these people? Every single congress man and women who voted to pass the ndaa bill, all of the ones who vote for pay raises should all be hung. its absolutely amazing how stupid the public is. Seriously if Americans were actually informed about their gov't all these fuckheads would be dangling in the street.
  7. Correct, just makes it less relevant. I mean, if you want old news, go look at old threads.
  8. ^ Unless your cool enough to be in the Invisible Children and make Kony 2012 seem new although it is also old lol. I feel just because its from 2009 doesn't mean it is greatly irreverent, hell our government is still using the shit from 40 years ago to keep Mj illegal lol
  9. Irreverent? WTF are you talking about? I don't think you understand, a mexican drug lord's smart ass comment is completely irrelevant to this section - this is legalization and activism (yep - just checked). Go stick it in the news section if you want to read it over and over - wait a minute, it's not news anymore is it? Grow up.
  10. irrelevant lol 630 am is not normal time for me. ^ I agree that it should not be in this section, but although it is not new doesn't mean that someone hasn't read it. Today was my first time seeing anything about this article. Yes it is old, but so is a ton of other stuff that gets posted, but it is still relevant and truthful.
  11. Relevant because some low-life thug made some smart ass remark that is COMPLETELY OBVIOUS to everyone? Dude, if it took him saying that for you to realize that, well....
  12. Goddamit people....
  13. Just remember this for next time assuming makes an ass out of you and me. And plus since his comment was made public at least it is documented, can't fight a war on drugs with all of our facts being assumed that the drug lords want it illegal.
  14. lmfao. and you thought Sean Hannity and Bill O'reilly loved ol' Reagan
  15. I'm willing to bet that there are quite a few that are thinking "Who cares if those lazy beaners get killed? My stock in Bacardi, Phillip Morris and Pfizer are doing phenomenally well. Why should we legalize it when I would lose money from it?"

    Pretty soon, however, the tide will swell and those that oppose it will be swept out to sea. Can't wait for that day to happen!
  16. its sad to say, but as the older generations die out, the new generations will write new laws in favor of legalization.

    Fun fact: the man who said this quote also escaped from mexicos most secure prison. puente grande, by hiding in a laundry cart and walking out the door. The war on drugs doesnt help america, it funds this mans activities
  17. Well since Bacardi is family owned, Phillip Morris is owned by Altria and they're down about 60% over the past couple years and Pfizer has been dead money for the last 5 years, I willing to bet people that make these kinds of comments aren't very bright.

  18. here's the point....



    and here's your comment. needless to say, you missed it.

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