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  1. why isnt it universal?
  2. I'd rather use it cause I could order a Royale with cheese

  3. Stubbornness. There isn't a single reason we should still be using the Imperial System. Not one. It's completely arbitrary and impossible to convert between units. It's a mind numbing exercise to convert units. For example, how much does a gallon of water weight in pounds? Without Google, a calculator or a reference table, you're up shit creek. But how much does 1 liter of water weigh? 1 kg. It couldn't be simpler. There are endless reasons to use the metric system.
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    Edit: In my country we use the metric system but the Quarter Pounder is still called "Cuarto de libra" (Quarter of a Pound literally) and we never used the imperial system!!
  5. Because America is special.
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    so your saying, using metric could maybe save money? which is also saving time and energy
  7. Hooray for the metric system! :hello:
  8. No good reason why the imperial system is still in use.

    By the way, in Canada we use the metric system, but still say quarter pounder.
  9. Because sometimes imperial system works better.

    For example,

    PVC pipes. When you by PVC pipes, you go by their diameters. And there are many sizes you can get, according to your need. And the available sizes are :

    1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch...

    If they were in metric system, it'd be

    6.35 mm / 12.7 mm / 19.05 mm / 25.4 mm

    Clearly the imperial system is easier than metric system in this case.
  10. Not if you made different pipe sizes... After the initial switch over it wouldn't be a problem, but for a while it would. Like the other poster said, stubbornness.
  11. Yes, but that's only because we have been using the imperial system in all our design and manufacturing for a long time now. If we had started with standard sizes in metric units, all would have been easier in the long run.
  12. So what you're trying to say is that the Imperial System works better for the Imperial System. That's sort of like saying the Spanish language doesn't work well because you speak English.
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  14. well, yeah.
    If you went to germany and tried to speak spanish, people would think you're dumb, and u'd definitely be hindered.

    Yes, we all know the metric system is better. but whos gonna make the US change it? Canada? I think not.
  15. whats a metric?

  16. It's the sequel to Matrix. You know? The movie?

  17. Actually, apart from a few hold-outs, it pretty much what countries are still in the dark ages....
  18. There are three countries in the world not using the metric system, the US, a country in Africa and a country in the Middle East.
  19. And then there are certain industries, which is still based on imperial system.

    Like the textile industry.

    The width of the fabric is always mentioned in 'inches'. Lately there has been some use of 'cm' when describing fabric, but still the main industry is based on 'inches'.

    And tires for your car.

    Even in metric system countries, the radius of the tire is always described in inches.

    ex : 225/55 R17

    Actually the above is a very good example of metric and imperial system used together.
  20. Other then the fact that America can't handle the switch. The Imperial system is way better IMO.

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