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Methods of Cutting at Harvest-What is Your First Cut?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by micronyc, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Some people start by cutting the main cola first, then cut all branches, form a pile, then trim.

    Others say cut the entire trunk at the bottom first and hang the plant up to dry before trimming. They said this method increases potency by gravity pulling things down into the buds.

    I'm sure the second method would probably make the drying longer and trimming more difficult.

    Another idea is to cut the trunk at the bottom, hang the entire plant upside down, then begin removing branches, trimming, and hanging to dry, one by one. Kind of a mix between the first two.

    Does any of this make a difference :confused:

    Please post your techniques

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  2. there is a great sticky about harvesting by rumpleforeskin. i learned a good amount by reading it. should be easy to find...
    he cuts each branch by where it meets the stem, keeping them long. then cuts the flowers off the branch after its good and dried.
  3. this is from nugglord's sticky.

    Properly processing cannabis at harvest is a craft that must be mastered in order to enhance and preserve the psychoactive properties, taste and appearance of the finished product. Many talented growers neglect to implement some of the following techniques, resulting in buds that fail to reach their maximum potential.

    There are two basic methods used by growers to harvest their cannabis: cola harvesting (cutting the buds from the branches individually) and harvesting entire plant (cutting it off at the main stalk near the bottom). The majority of growers find individual cola harvesting to be superior, for several reasons.

    Some cannabis strains exhibit varying finishing times on the same plant. For example, the top colas may ripen while lower branches are still developing. Tops can be removed to expose the lower branches to light, thus allowing the lower buds to ripen further.

    Individual harvesting and drying of branches works faster than drying a whole cannabis plant. When a cannabis plant is harvested, the stomata on the surface of the leaves and calyxes will start closing off, allowing only small amounts of water vapor to escape. This forces the excess moisture stored within the stems/stalks to exit through the cuts you've made on them when harvesting. The fewer cuts for water vapor to exit through, the longer the drying time.
  4. Nice. That pretty much answered everything. Thanks a lot.

    One question though.

    Does this say you can harvest the entire main cola first and let the lower branches ripen and the plant wont die?

    Cut the buds off at their little stems connecting them to the main stem or chop the main stem like a tree but just above the next branches?

  5. ^^ thats what im wondering too. can i cut the top half of my 4foot plant to let the light get the lower and smaller nugs ?
  6. You can cut off quite a bit of the plant and you won't kill it, I've seen plants cut to a stump come back as long as there was a leaf joint still left on the trunk

  7. Thank for sharing the information about the cutting method at harvest. But can we cut the trunk at the bottom, hang the entire plant upside down, and then begin removing branches, trimming, and hanging to dry, separately.

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