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  1. ate 2 10mg methadone pills they were white rectangles with 57 71 on one side and an M on the other. im not really an experience opiate user ive taken lortab 5's and 10's, oxycontin 30mg's and instant releases, and percocet but it was all occassional usage. right now im really uncomfortably itchy and i dont really know what im in for. my guy told me these were way stronger and longer lasting than OC 30mg but they were cheap. i smoked a couple bowls of headies and im pretty tore up..anyone know anything about methadone like dosage or how long it last or anything. i searched the sight and couldn't find much and erowid wasnt much help either.:confused::confused:

    btw i took them about 9 oclock and i swallowed them..i found out later from my friend it wouldve been better to have let them dissolve in my mouth but it was too late.
  2. What I know about methadone is that it is for crackheads. There is a methadone clinic down the street from the high school I went to.
  3. i thought it was to wean off heroin and for chronic pain relief but i may be wrong. either way it looks like im gonna be fucked up for the rest of the night..drinking a couple shots is probably a bad idea right?
  4. ^herion addicts i wouldn't fuck with those my parents went to the methadone clinic. i heard the only good way to get high on it is with xanax, kolotipin, valumes. once you start taking those more often you cant get high on opiets.

  5. Might not be the best idea but thats the only way I would have it. You're right. It's not for crack. Can't see why they would give you an opiate to get you off uppers. :rolleyes:

    Ugh, people are posting shit they have no clue about. You don't need Benzos to boost you're opiates.
  6. 20mg isnt overdose or anything crazy though right im a decently sized guy about 170lb like 5'10 healthy as far as i know
  7. Well at the methadone clinic they get it in a little cup and drink it. I dont know the pills might be completely differant but when I hear methadone I think crackheads.
  8. as long as you dont drink too much you'll be allright
  9. Thats a small-average does for someone with little tolerence.
  10. alright cool..i gotta say i feel pretty nice right now aside from my eyes and face being itchy as fuck. thanks for the advice im probably gonna drink a little canadian club, hit a bowl and watch the tube:smoking:
  11. wuttup crip, where you from chuzz?
  12. me? from rensselaer right near albany but im living saratoga now
  13. First time i took it i took 40mg, and got sick and had to leave work to just go home and lie down. I felt really good though heh. After that i learned my lesson and took like 20mg then the other 20mg a little later. Mine looked like white wafers that were divided into quadrants (were each wafer = 40mg). I had no tolerance which is why it hit me so hard. Tolerance can build drastically of course with this
  14. What the penalty for using b's? :rolleyes:
  15. yeah my guy told me they came in wafers, liquid , or pills. what were you taking them for? idk if im really impressed by them i would say i felt higher taking 2 30mg OC's but maybe i was less tolerant then.

    Vicious what do you mean about the b's?
  16. I was taking them just for kicks. It works. The main positive effect i noticed was how long it lasted compared to oxy and stuff. It seemed to last almost twice as long. The itching got to suck after taking it for a few days though.
  17. yeah i could picture that. on the OC's i blazed a fat dutch in washington park like an hour after an i ended up puking up a bunch of snapple. still felt great though. so far havent puked on these or felt naueas at all really
  18. Bloods cross their C's, and I guess crips use 6's.
  19. ohh haha sorry im a little slow tonight and not really up on all the gang shit. but i got a big ass bowl of headies and a bigger bowl of cinnamon toast crunch so have a nice night everyone:wave:

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