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  1. Since I am delving into Hydro for my next grow, I will need a new meter. So before I plop down $120 for the units from Ebay that show PPM, PH, Temp, etc.. I thought I would see if I could get some suggestions from the GC Community about what works best for them ;)

    Links, Suggestions and Personal Experience please.
  2. I have a mounted tri meter it works great, and has for years.

    tri-meter | eBay
  3. Thanks for all of the suggestion everyone!! This will certainly get me started.
  4. im interested as well but nervous on spending upwards of $100 , how long do they last before the electrode needs to be replaced? Also how do you take care of them (storage solution, calibration solution etc.)?
  5. Storage usually depends on the meter type, but if you have an all in one pH/TDS/Temp pen, it is recommended to fill the cab with a 7.01 pH calibration solution and put the cab on the pen. This soaks the little diode at the end of the pen constantly and assures a neutral pH when going to test.

    There are many quality pH pens that are around $70-$80... getting into the combos is where the price will rise... and then of course the top of the line products can easily go for $400 or $500.

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