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  1. The new Metallica record is promising to be much heavier than anything they've ever done.
    I wasn't impressed with "Load". But you can't take the best metal music ever (until Load) away from them. How brilliant is "Master of Puppets" (or even "And Justice for all")??
    I'm tired of seeing a band that used to mean a lot to me become a joke. I hope "St. Anger" puts them back on top.
  2. this band ye speak of are (*)and never again will they ever be on top. they are just swimming around in a giant pool of shit called the commercial music industry ie, pop music, new rock or what ever the fuck you (*) want to call it.
    so i suggest you dry your fucking eyes and forget about this fucking band man!

  3. You'll buy it. Guaranteed.
  4. yea im hoping this new album is as good as they make it out to be

    and hatebreeder: sorry but that is incorrect :)
  5. ever listen to pantera HB?
    they are hard as fuck..
  6. i am easily pleased by music, and have enjoyed watching metallica "evolve" through the years. disappointed by their calmer albums? yeah, but they're still pretty damn good.

    i agree, their older stuff is truly the best - classic material. but they aren't all THAT bad now. hopefully this new album they will prove they're just as good as they always have been. but then, that's just me being stoned and optomistic :)


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