MetallicA fans?

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  1. To live is to die is amazing and makes me cry at the slow part cuz the song is for Cliff \m/ hell ya
  2. agreed. that song + thc gives me what i call musical orgasm.

    i was lucky to see metallica live back in 09!:hello:
  3. Lucky. I want them to tour the US SOOO BAD :(
  4. I am a big fan of their early stuff. Can't say I really listen to anything past the black album.
  5. maybe you should give death magnetic a try...
    i think youll be pleasantly surprised.

    this is my favorite from the album
    [ame=""]Metallica - Broken, Beat & Scarred (Studio Version)[/ame]

    and come on dont just glance over it.. give it a few high listens...
  6. Yea DM is pretty good. The Unforgiven 3 would be my favorite
  7. Master Of Puppets and ...And Justice For All will always be thrash classics to me.
  8. fade to black and Orion the instrumental
  9. Kill Em All through And Justice For All are the best but i listen to all Metallica as they are the best band ever
  10. I see what you did there with your username
  11. Metallica was the first concert i went to.cant wait for them to come back. Unforgiven 3 is baddass but id have to say hands down that my favorite is For Whom The Bell Tolls... (Cliff style). That song could raise me from the dead
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    I was sayin unforgiven 3 is my favorite from Death Magnetic. For Whom the Bell Tolls makes me headbang so hard \m/ but i cant pick a favorite
  13. I cannot describe what is like to experience for whom the bell tolls live.
  14. Its one of my life goals to see Fade To Black live
  15. It is one of my life goals to see Fade To Black live
  16. Love them, favourite band along with Megadeth. They are the band that I have to thank for the music I listen to now, because it was them who led me to other bands e.g. Maiden, Slayer, Overkill, Diamond Head. I only listen to their first 4 albums though(black and DM are ok).
    I think you should have asked everyone to put their favourite album and song too.
    Mine: Album: Ride the Lightning
    Song: Creeping Death/ Call of Ktulu
  17. Not a huge metal fan anymore, though It'll always have a special place in my heart as it was the first genre that I truly fell in love with. I'm way more into alternative/electronica now, but anyway:

    There first 4 albums are all heavy metal classics. Black album is okay, but most of the stuff beyond that is pretty mediocre or just outright bad. Let's face it, the age of Metallica and thrash has passed, but I give them credit for still being able to play their old material fairly well. I've seen them twice and both shows were pretty damn good.

    I've seen Megadeth and Slayer as well and that show was great
  18. Yea early Metallica led me to what i love: Thrash Metal. Megadeth, Testament, etc. Are great. My favorite album is also Ride The Lightning and my favorite song is either Fade To Black or Hit The Lights
  19. +1 at Woodstock 94:eek::hippie::metal:
  20. Metallica rocks. Always did.

    Death Magnetic is great, but the one thing I can't stand is the regular-release CD because Lars' drums are red-lining (distorting). I don't know if they did it like that on purpose or not, but the crunchy sound is very annoying.

    If you really like DM, listen to the Guitar Hero 3 version (mixed how it should be). And if you can get it in .FLAC, So much the better.

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