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  1. About a month ago, during my last night in California before moving back east, I met the girl of my dreams. We instantly clicked, which is amazing because she is gorgeous. So I left California the next day, and checked my phone and I had a text through her saying something like "It took me so long to get your number, but finally I did!"
    So I have been trying to move back out to California, not just because of this girl, but also because I feel like that's more of a home to me. I have a chance at a job out there, at 14 an hour, and I have a job here, on the east coast, at 15 an hour. I'm thinking of getting the 14 an hour a job, but I don't know. I don't want to make a bold but idiotic move. All I'm gonna bring is my money, and my new puppy (Albino siberian husky, so damn adorable). Just want a lil feedback

  2. Don't do anything too hasty, especially for a chick you just met.
    It would be a shame to ruin your life.
  3. Well $1 isn't that much of a difference. Id say come on home, but I'm a girl and a romantic. lol, do you have somewhere to live already? Do you know if its a steady job or is it temporary? Just weigh it out op, and hopefully cali will tip the scales. :) goodluck.
  4. If you truly like California I say go for it. You got one life you know?
  5. why do you have to move? why cant she go to you. im sure the job market is a lot better where you are than in cali. plus living abroad is better for you than feeling stuck in a place you can't escape. why not have her spend a week with you and you can see how much you really click then see if she is worth moving for.
  6. I'd say do it man! if you think she truly makes you happy, its hard to pass up.
  7. First of all.  Where in Cali?  North, South?  City? Its not the same out here as it is in a lot of places.  Doing something slightly aggressive in the wrong place WILL get you killed.  If you are thinking of moving for a girl, you wouldn't be the first.  BUT consider a lot more than the pay.  Find a place to live, that you can afford.. now what area will you end up in?  14 an hour.. puts you in a less expensive area.. from my experience.. which means..unless you have boys.. you are going to run into trouble quick.. $4704 a month not taking out tax, assuming you will work 12h shifts, with $0 in bills etc..  4704 is unrealistic but its a MAX figure.  You won't make that at 14/h.. basically calculate your cost of living is what I am saying.
    A pretty face can get you dumped quick.. not because of the girl herself, but because of competition with another dude who might think removing you from the picture may be easier than a fair fight at her affection.. it happens around here more than you might imagine.. I think in the last 4 days there have been 8 homocides in the area.. yes its easy to avoid, but girls + multiple boys (and with a gorgeous girl there is always more than 1 boy interested).. you will have drama.. but if she is "the one" whose to say whats worth it?
    Other than all that, if you know this place and you have a good place to stay at (to keep you away from trouble)  This place to me is like heaven.  I am not AT ALL trying to discourage you with all that up top.. just that I know this place and the troubles in it well.
    For example.. Today while chillin in Santa Monica, I saw 4 celebs that live in the area just hanging out.. super nice people.. warm and approachable.  The shopping is amazing, and the food in the area is pretty decent.  The scenery is just gorgeous.  I could go on and on about how I love this place..
    Goodluck bruh..
  8. Damn dude I thought you loved partying you're really gonna let 1 girl from hella far away keep you from slaying 6 different bitches a week?
  9. Find out if she would get excited if you moved there. If she is really into you then do it, it's a dollar pay cut and possibly a chance to marry a babe.

    Just remember man girls are dangerous especially the gorgeous ones.

    Write down the positives and negatives, think about more than just the 2 of you. This is a big risk you might take so think this through.

    Also make sure your husky stays cool.
  10. My husky is fucking amazing bro! I wanna post pix of him. But I do love partying, but I'm falling for this girl. I've been partying for a very long time, it might be time to grow up, or just party with this broad, because she is hella cool. It'd be to Santa Barbara, northern socal area. It's very nice. I lived there for 6 months. This girl is totally worth it, and she wants me to move out there. We've talked about it, a lot. It's not an avoided conversation.
    I have experienced with the fucked up areas in LA, I almost got my ass beat by a Bloodline Biker from Oakland because my friend is a dumb driver and doesn't use his blinker. I keep my cool all the time. I do have a license for a concealed firearm but no firearm right now, I let my brother have my 357. Hand cannon! I never have pulled it on someone though. I know it's not much out there, but I'd be sharing a room with her, at about 800/mo., which leaves it 400 a month, plus utilites, making it around 500 a month. Not a bad deal at all in my opinion. The job is also with school, I'd be attending SBCC (santa barbara city college)
    I know its risky to say but I really trust this girl already. She says she's falling for me, and she said will probably fall in love for me head over heels when she sees me. The awesome thing, is that she's a good girl. And very smart.
  11. Nothing good could ever come from this.

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  12. In my experience Cali girls are more flirtatious than east coast girls. I would stay away.
    Seriously. I've encountered this multiple times. I think you're overplaying it in your head. She's certainly underplaying it.
  13. The cost of living out here is higher.
  14. Balls out for love man.
  15. IDK man a year ago i would have said go for it but now i don't trust women :laughing: All depends on your future, look at things long term and decide if it's a good idea or not. I know it sounds bad but you can't put all your eggs in one basket if ya know what i mean.
  16. Well I personally couldnt be happier with my girl and i have given up just about everything I  had to be next to her so I get it as far as a job goes man just do what makes you happy everything else is just a stepping stone to happiness I personally have reached happiness
  17. i would honestly go for it because i mean its an experience you know but at the same time no matter how pretty that face is. girls are fkn NUTS but not all of them. if you truely believe her man then we arnt anyone to tell you otherwise but stay cautious and be prepared because you just never know what can happen and i would hate to have your life ruined over a girl. goodluck man
  18. I know. I lived there for 6 months at 1,200 a month
  19. remove her from the equation, would you move?
  20. Damn bro you just me this girl... you don't even know her slow down a bit.

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