messing with passed out people

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  1. i know people mess with the person who passes out first. usually drawing on them or putting shaving cream on them ect.. but has anyone done anything extreme?

    i remember plastic wraping a dude to a chair. putting different foods all over him then lighting a sparkler on his head covered with whip cream. then painting another guy with whiteout, it stayed on him for weeks.
  2. Lol, at a party i was at some guy passed out and they sprayed him with hairspray... TONS of it... they the put duck tape all over his arms and eyebrows and stuff, and put a teabag in his mouth... pretty fucked up he was so sticky and taking off the ducktape must of hurt like a bitch
  3. As long is it isnt anything gay its pretty funny
  4. only if they leave their shoes on.:smoke::smoke:
  5. When I was younger a friend and I took one of my mom's tampons and dipped it in red Kool-Aid, then laid it on top of our other friend. He wasn't pleased and went home.
  6. if i passed out and anyone did shit to me I would disfriend them immediatly. i cant stand these fucking games unless of course you're doing this to some emo fag. haha
  7. oh man, my old group of friends did nothing but fuck with people. flower in the face, whipped cream, loud noises etcetc. when people were over they made it known that "first one to sleep gets it"

    they never fucked with me really, but one day a newer friend of ours decided it would be funny to stick a spinning drill bit into my ear to annoy me with the noise i guess. i woke up and went nuts wailing on him lol. i guess he didn't know i didn't take well to being disturbed sleeping.
  8. the party i went to last New Year's a kid passed out at like ten so they colored his entire face jet black with a sharpie.

    Pretty funny, but if it was me, I'd wake up swinging

  9. haha i was just gonna mention this rule
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    you're a dick man

    i have gotten fucked with while asleep. people were spraying this sour candy shit into my mouth.

    also while I was half-asleep, i heard people squirting shaving cream into their hands...

    the second before they went in for the kill i opened my eyes and was like "FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS"

    i was fucking pissed.

  11. *waits for TCG to fall asleep*

    Don't worry man, you can trust me. :devious:
  12. People always end up doin some borderline gay shit. It's like "Hey Jim's asleep! Let's throw flour on him and put a carrot up his ass!"

    Just sayin,

  13. dave chapelle :)
  14. if their shoes are on its fair game!
  15. Whats with the shoes???
  16. ^^
    if they take their shoes off it shows that they were there to chill and get fucked up.
    shoes are on they are only there to get fucked up and leave, which now they look like a clown because they passed out at only their second party of the night. they're now legal game
  17. i remember one time i woke up from a lan party, and like broke out of the toilet paper i was wrapped in like a mummy, and later i found out i had like wiskers and shit on my face. the best is someone too drunk. everyone sleeps, not everyone has to be a drunken dumbass.

    i remember showing up to more than one party and tentatively taunting the idiot on the floor with a sharpie, while he drunkenly curses. am i a bad person? i think not.

  18. Hmmm, i never herd of that. i thought it was if they fall asleep with their shoes off its because they where sober enough to take them off, if your shoes are on you passed out. your fair game. if your just asleep your probly going to wake up, if you passed out, your probly not going to wake up.
  19. this ..:cool::cool:
  20. ya i thought the shoes was about weather or not they made a decision to get all comfortable and take a rest as opposed to having no control over themselves and passing out

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