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messed up story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KmKStonedSour, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. Man gets life term for selling marijuana
    By Romeo R. Braceros Jr., Staff Writer

    A 30-year-old man got a reduced sentenced of life imprisonment at the Regional Trial Court for selling 869.1 grams of dried marijuana leaves to an undercover police officer in Panacan, Davao City last February. Serapio Alay, a resident of Carmen, Davao del Norte availed the lower conviction after he admitted peddling the P1,500 worth illegal drugs wrapped in a newspaper to PO1 Anthony Alpiz around 1:30 p.m. last February 7, 2003.

    In a five-page judgment, Judge Adoracion Avisado of RTC Branch 9 also directed Alay to pay P3 million to the government as penalty to his R.A. 9165 (Comprehensive Drugs Act of 2002) case.

    Aside from Alay's admission of guilt, Avisado also used the poverty and lowly education status of the accused as mitigating circumstances to downgrade the supposed supreme penalty of death.

    Alpiz, a member of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) was utilized by the prosecution panel as one of their primary witnesses in the case.

    In his testimony, Alpiz said a civilian informant went to their office and told them that Alay was looking for buyers of his dried marijuana leaves at Petron depot in Panacan.

    Alpiz said PDEA region 11 director P/Chief Insp. Wilkens Villanueva immediately formed a team to arrest the accused.

    He said Villanueva directed him to act as poseur buyer in the supposed drug trade worth P1,500 along with the civilian informant with two other police officers as backup.

    The police officer said arriving at a waiting shed in the area Alay showed them the dried marijuana leaves wrapped in newspapers and placed inside an “airpot” box. At that instance, Alay said he immediately arrested the accused.

    source: http://www.mindanaotimes.com.ph/news/story.php?id=11343

    this guy was sentenced to death first...
  2. ?!??!!? Dried marijauna leaves!!?!?

    Not even buds and he gets a life sentence, which was brought down from DEATH!?!?!?

    God damn im glad we live in north america. fuckin crackers over seas man... (except you europeans and asians, you guys are cool, its the middle east thats filled with the nut balls... and i guess the philipines too)
  3. thats so fucking stupid, i could see if he was selling actual drugs, that kill people, but death for pot!?! wtf is that???

  4. oh i can see them trying to pull this bullshit here in NA. they do that kind of shit all the fucking time.
  5. tthats soo fuccked up!! dammn!
  6. im starting to even more dislike the government
  7. amazingly enough zonedude america has tried to put major marijuana trafficers to death in the past. i dont remember if anyone has ever been put to death because i stopped researching that cause it got depressing. but i think that has been recently taken away as an a maximum penalty. not sure though. someone could research it if they want but im done with that.

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