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Messed up on cannabutter [fail]

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Telebubbies, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Hey guys. Today was the first time I ever made cannabutter.. And I failed. I put it in the oven at 180 degrees C, and was going to leave it for 40mn. But I checked up on it after 20mn and everything was BLACK. Look at attached pic. It was a normal oven.. Will it still work to make cannabutter? Or have I destroyed all the THC? Anyone know what I did wrong?


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  2. Your temps are blazing hot and you burned your weed. 220°F which is like 104°C
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  3. Your decarb temperature was way too high. You should decarb at 115-120°C for 40 minutes. Even 5 minutes at 180°C would have been 5 minutes too long. You can still use it but much of the THC is going to be degraded or burnt off which would give it a sedative effect. It may not taste that great, either.

    I'm sorry that happened on your first attempt. Don't give up and use this as a learning experience. :)
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  4. yep. I got really bad advice.. I was told 180 degrees C. But oh well. Just gotta buy more
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  5. It's still a drag, though, but I like your attitude. The butter isn't hard to make once you get past the decarb. There are several methods for making the butter that work well but none are much good without that decarb. You'll get the hang of it in no time. :)
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  6. Thanks man. With decarbing, at what temp and for how long do you put it in for? And like half way through do you open up the oven and shake the tray a bit to move the weed?
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  7. I'm in the states and use Farenheit but the Celsius temperature would be between 115-120° which is 240-248°F and for 40 minutes. I've done a lot of lab tests and that seems the optimal temp/time for best results. If your material was green when it went in the oven then it should still be pretty green, maybe darker green, and crisp to the touch. I actually prefer a glass dish but the metal sheet with parchment on it will work, too.

    I recommend using an inexpensive oven thermometer to check your oven temperature. Many ovens can be off considerably, especially at lower temperatures. For instance, mine reads 30° hotter than the dial at that temp so I have to adjust it to where it keeps that temperature with minimal fluctuation. I don't recommend opening the door to stir it because it can mess up your heat cycle, causing the oven to come on and overheat. If you want to stir it then keep your eye on the dial after closing up again. :mellow:
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  8. You can also go low and slow with decarboxylating. I've used a double-boiler to do this and at about 200-210 F it takes 2 1/2 - 3 hours. The lower temperature you use, the less precise you have to be, because the curve flattens out. At room temps I think it takes a year. More terpenes are preserved with lower temps.

    It's easy to tell if you have decarbed enough, the bud will look lightly toasted compared to green and the smell gets toned down and more medicinal.
  9. You're going to mess up in the beginning if it's something you really want to do, keep trying.

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  10. The Brownies were delicious and they actually have an affect. It didn't really mess up.
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