Messed up my knee while skateboarding

Discussion in 'General' started by Hanger18, May 8, 2004.

  1. I fucked up my knee skating so i had a little of my medicine ;)

    i went outside to smoke a j
    no one is at my house today
    and im really high okay
    hey hey hey
  2. Hanger18 by any chance do you rock climb? I know of a rock climbing place called Hanger18.

  3. no, the secret's in my signature
  4. i know all about skateboarding injuries...

    ...but i let the pills hold back the pain ;)
  5. ya my shins r messed up i was doing a 5-0 on a circle rail and the truck sliped off like 10 times go i got 2 fractured shins right now but hey no school=more smokein time
  6. Whatever happened to skaters taking a beating from the pavement and getting up and going right back to it.Take your pain with pride. :)
  7. w/e happend to playin baseball wit toads???
  8. Hey I skate.But I sure as hell dont let a few bumps and bruises stop me from going out and tearing up the pavement.I skate alot and I've taken beating after beating when I was first learning.Now I dont take as many beatings but I've never once complained and Ive taken some pretty nasty spills.lmao The kind where its too painful to watch.Including clipping the back end of a truck square at full speed.It wasnt my fault either he pulled out in front of me.I dont believe in taking pills for pain.Skaters who skate for the love of the sport are as tough as they come.:)
  9. hey now, im not saying i go inside and cry while my mom puts peroxide on my cuts and scrapes :p

    i've gotten my share of injuries, and they dont slow me down either.. if i get hurt, and still feel like skating, then im gona keep skating! but the next day when your aching, a few painkillers can come in handy! i love skating, but i dont like hurting :D
  10. lol I dont ever seem to hurt for more than a moment or a few seconds.I also happen to love pain.Then again I've been doing full contact tae kwon do for 11 years now.I also do breaking.So taking pain is mandatory. lol

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