Message to Moderators: Too Much Trolling Going On.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by LovingTree, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Trolling can be fun on occasion, but the immaturity filled in 'General' and 'Apprentice Tokers' is ridiculous. Instead of having some good intellectual conversation about Marijuana, it seems now a days under-aged users are spamming our boards with non-sense, and trolling excessivley.

    I just thought it might want to be monitored more and looked into. I appreciate this community a lot, and all this trolling makes this place look worse than it is in my eyes.
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    Just be patient there will be more moderators soon
  3. The troll problem would be lessened if GC members would just help out a bit...

    Report things more...the city is meant to be a nice chill community...whining and complaining are of no help...members need to step up and help keep our community chill and get rid of those who are detrimental to the vibe...

    And seriously...members need to stop posting in obvious troll threads...trolls seek attention, and people seem only too happy to give it to people not realize that if we stopped paying attention to trolls, they would go away?

    Just my opinion...:)
  4. "I, for one, welcome our new masters...":)

  5. I feel the same way, if no one posted then the thread would just die, but people over and over again get all angry and start shouting troll and they get what they want. i think trolling should be a near ban able offence .
  6. The problem is the lack of moderators. The ones we have cant be on 24/7, and its not like they're on shifts.

    Rummy is going to be making more mods, but this is a difficult process. She has to pick people she can totally trust, and around here, its understandable shes having a hard time with this

    You can help by what IgnorantFool said. Report anything that is disrespectful, or that breaks the rules

  7. Yep this is true, hopefully we get some more mods, we really need it, i report stuff that's against the rules, i reported a thread where the poster said he was 15 :rolleyes: it got up to 6 pages and got deleted hours later.
  8. I'm duplicitous, but trustworthy:wave:
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    I really love grasscity, but the trolling obviously has to stop, not only is it getting old but its getting ridiculous,

    Does anyone know the "qualifacations" for being a mod? I want to help clean up the city but there is no way i can know for sure that i am doing my part unless i get mod privileges

    And to what another poster said, i own an ipad and am litterally on grasscity all day everyday, this could be proven to a mod just by reading the time frame of my posts

    Due to a very unfortunate event (which you can read about in one of my posts) i sit at home everyday smoking the herb and surfing multiple pages of threads daily

    In my 800sh posts i have not trolled or namecalled once, i got 1 warning from grasscity and that was supposed to be taken off since i indirectly and accidently created a troll thread from my reply,

    It would be much appreciated if someone could send "rummy" a message explaining that im on 24-7 and would love to help the forums and as i see it, if i am on 24-7 with multiple threads open at once then i can be a big help on stoping hate/troll/advert threads

    I know nobody trusts me, since im just a little fish in a big pond yet to get his name out there, but you gotta take chances with people in order to trust them

    I have a feeling i wont ever be a mod.. I dont have a mod name! 420______ is so common
  10. I have been within internet communities over 10 year. Even on highly moderated communities trolls always exist.

    As IgnorantFool mentioned the best we can do is to stay away trolls. They feed within the attention they are creating. Unfortunately they have no respect to another member or community they are part of. The best thing we can do is ignore trolls and ask moderators to handle them.

    Grasscity surely needs more mods and our team is working on this. Rummy will handle this as soon as she is back online in couple days. Unfortunately there are some real life events that require more attention on Rummy's life currently.

    Trust me Grasscity moderators are doing their best to keep things rolling up and clean Grasscity from Trolls. I specifically thank all our moderators for their efforts.

    Until them please try reporting the trolls you are facing.
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    Yea guys.... I'm not sure when people will realize this, but this type of thread, pops up atleast once a week... PLEASE just report them.... We are the mods here... we are fully aware of the activity on the site, and honestly, it may be mildly offensive for you guys to assume we just arent doing anything and allowing more trolls to dilute the site... We know... we know everything.... and that which we dont know... is reported, and we will know it sooner or later, and it will come back and bite whoever it needs to in the ass

    We are doing what we can.... there isn't all too much we can do about summer and school being out....
  12. We do as much moderating as is feasibly possible, however, as Mushroom has already brought up, the Moderation Team is drastically understaffed for the amount of members we have to contend with at the moment. This is nobody's fault, as we all have lives outside of this place and can't really be expected to be on call 24 hours a day.

    Trust me, even back in 2008 (which wasn't that long ago) all we would have to do is log in, take care of maybe six or seven reported posts, and then just cruise around the forum, posting happily as any other member would, and handling the occasional situation.

    It's not quite that simple any more, particularly when you take into consideration the amount of accounts that have been created since that time, and quite a few of those being troll or spam accounts.

    It must be understood that this is just one of the unfortunate circumstances attached to Grass City becoming one of the largest forums on the internet - trolling, spam, unnecessary advertising, immaturity, you name it!

    Like it or not, we now live in the Age of Anonymity, and trolling is a day to day aspect of life in it.

    That said, I am confident that once the moderation team is fully staffed to meet the overflow with an appropriately sized force, you will start seeing, for lack of better words, the trash taken out more efficiently.


  13. As far as i know to be a mod you have to be chosen by the admin, you have to be polite, respectful, help people out, and most of all be trust worthy.

    You have to be a regular and most of all benifit the community and be here for a while so maybe in the future you could be a mod but it's highly doughtful anytime soon.

    I think allot of mods were just asked out of the blue :confused: but i dunno if any of that is true i'm just assuming those are the requirments to me a mod.

    But i could be wrong :)

  14. It is, generally. :p

    Anyone coming on here just to troll will get banned eventually. It's just a matter of time. ;)

    As others already said, we understand that there are a lot of trolls here and we're doing the best we can with the small amount of staff we have.

    In only a year, the amount of reports coming in has tripled, while obviously the size of the mod team has stayed pretty much the same. We're probably consistently getting over 20,000 posts per day on these forums, and only have a handful of moderators to deal with them.

    That said, yes, there will be new moderators brought in soon and we can start cracking down a whole lot more.

    Until then, the best thing you guys can do is to keep on reporting posts. If nobody reports it, the chances that a moderator will see it are much lower. If it's reported, then even if it takes us a while to get to it, it will eventually be dealt with. :p

    And yeah, it's also a good idea to just not reply to the troll threads since feeding the troll will only make it come back for more. Lol

    Just gotta be patient with us, guys. Things will get back on track very soon. :D
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