Message from the Bush Administration

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by telluride toker, Jan 9, 2004.

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  1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Fuck off.

  3. Amen!
    Fuck you, Bush, fuck you..... Given the opportunity, I would stick my foot so far up his ass he\'d be tasting dog shit. Too bad I can\'t say something like \"I\'d like to kill Bush\" or the CIA would be all over my ass.....
  4. Hey man that poster ain\'t cool, but bush is doing the right thing. I hope he gets reelected Because those democrats are fucking crazy

  5. The democrats look like a bunch of blind monkeys trying to find a banana in a skating rink. But Bush scares me, or the people who control him. Even if Bush is a good president (I don\'t think so) he\'s opened too many doors that were supposed to have remained locked... do you realize that if they deem you a terrorist they can do anything they want to you without due process??? And guess what, only one person has the ultimate power to decide who terrorists are (Ashcroft) may like Bush but he\'d lock you up in a second as a terrorist just for smoking the ganj, and he wouldn\'t care who you are or what you think about him.
  6. i like that poster...bush isint doint the right thing (except for the new immigration bill)

    he lied to us to take the country to war

    he is systematically destroying the environment

    the patriot act is reducing our freedoms to dog shit

    he destroyed relationships with our allies which took decades to develop

    need i go on??

    its time for change, personally i am for howard dean, but i think its more important to just get someone else in there, no matter who...except for liberman or kerry but it doesnt matter, theyre gonna lose the primaries

  7. I\'d like to kill Bush. Wait, then we\'d have Cheney as president. Damn.
  8. Is that shit for reals?

  9. no, it was made from an old WWII poster.
    and, if you guys liked that one, here\'s another:

  10. I seriously doubt it, probably Photoshoped.
  11. i hate bush...he has made some ignorant joices, and it seems to me he is just a pawn because i doubt a man of his intelligence would be able to run a country, even if it is in shitty condition
  12. ...even over here in the uk he\'s seen as a bit of a dangerous-puppet-twat...mind you we have Blaire which ain\'t anything to be proud about...they should both be fuckin shot...Bush shouldn\'t even be president anyway should he?...weren\'t votes \'uncounted\' at the time?...
  13. the new immigration bill that lets anyone come into america as long as they have a job waiting for them?

    yeah all we need are some more immigrants wooooooo
  14. Sorry cool cat but this is were I have to chase you with a flaming opossum.
  15. good link Danibal, i was actually coming to this thread specifically to post that same story, lol
  16. Eh, already gone on way too many rants today. I\'ll just sum it up:

    Bush isn\'t worth the fucking dog shit he stepped in. I would vote for NANCY REGAN for president before I\'d vote for that lying fucking idiot who\'s going to bring America to the ground for his own fucking RETARDED ideas. BEING PRESIDENT IS NOT A FUCKING GAME, ASSHOLE!

  17. lololololol


    I especially liked the nancy reagan part

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