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  1. I just got a tab of mescaline, its a small tab like 1 or 2 cm by 1 or 2 cm or some shit like that, anyhow- it was supposed to be acid but the dude said it's mescaline, i've been reading up on it and haven't got any definate answers..

    -how long will this last? I got church tomorrow,lol

    that's really all lol
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    i read this wrong lol.
  3. i dont think thats mescaline mann.
    got this from erowid
    "A standard dose for oral mescaline use ranges from 200-500 mg. One of the more common myths around its use is that it can come in the form of tiny microdot pills. Even 200 mg of material fills a medium size capsule, so obviously microdots are not mescaline."

    i know you dont have a microdot pill, but what this is saying is that mescaline usually comes in a capsule, not on tabs
  4. probably some sort of DOx.

    not necessarily a bad thing, they can still be very enjoyable.

    just be careful to not dose too high.
  5. ya DOx was what i was thinking it might be
  6. DOx isn't a drug. it mean is a group of drugs as in the DOx family. some DOx compounds are DOB, DOI, DOM, DON, DOC, and some others. anywayyy, mescaline isn't active in doses that can fit on standard sized blotters. you either have some DOx compound or the dude is lying to you and actually sellign you acid but wants to sound like he has a hookup to something cool.
  7. I think it might of been that, it wasn't a "trip" at all.. Just kept me up and made me sociable for the most part, waiste of my ten dollars.

    Thanks for the info all.
  8. Mesc doesn't come on tabs, and it wasn't DOx. you'd know it if it was.
  9. bottom line is it wasnt mescaline and who the fuck knows what it was. dont take drugs you dont know anything about man, its not smart or safe.

  10. I've done mescaline many, many times as a teen, and they were always microdots, yellow being my favs.

  11. if you recieved a small paper tab than it was most likely acid, but.... ussually tabs seem to be the worst storage method since it really leaves the fragile molecules vulnerable to light, oxygen, and things that cause the molecules to breakdown into inactive compounds.

    conclusion: you mostly likely had a threshold dose of acid. enough to barely feel like something will happen but definitely far from a full blown trip. if you try it again get more tabs (like 4) dont take them all at once but start with 2 than see what happens. but if your getting them at 10 bucks a pop than you are getting the biggest shaft ever and you should go slap your dealers momma. that is all. :wave:
  12. Well, the dude told me it was acid, then he told me it was mescilane.. idk.

    It was a very small tab with a misfits logo on it, kept me up for about 14 hours or so, nothing trippy about it all except my stomach felt weird and I was just sociable, any idea what it was?:eek:
  13. it was not mescaline, 250 mgs of mescaline crystals fills up a small vial and the low dose for mescaline for full effects is 350-400+mgs. 250 is a mild experince like say only 2 grms of shrooms.

  14. see, it could be then.. idk. He said it was 200 microdots or whatever opposed to 100, like i knew what the fuck that meant. hahah.

    acid pickup tomorrow, ill let you guyes see :)
  15. I hope its not from the same guy. You could be getting hellah research chemicals.
  16. Lol nah bro, this is from a solid ass source, 7 bucks a hit! holla back!

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