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MErsh SKunk weed ses sensimillia

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by im_doing_me, May 25, 2006.

  1. i smoke skunk.always have done,dont mind mersh.but its too weak.but i have smoked and know of some 'mersh' thats stronger than skunk.but dont know what to call it mersh? what? to me, its mersh cos its got seeds,and got that low grade weed smell (which i like).but cos its actualy better(stronger) than skunk.what is it? anyone understand me? reply


    talking about weed/mersh... anyone agree with me some weed is better than some skunk.

    anyone like SES or know bout SES. more expensive,but is it better? and people selling sknk or mersh as SES! post replys.
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  2. When you are saying "Mersh" are you talking about stress? I would assume so because you say it has seeds in it, and I'll assume skunk means chronic, wel I have never came across any stress that is better than chronic and if your talking about expensive weed I would assume you mean Kush type strains or real strong indica's, sativa's or hybrids.
  3. Lay off the crack bro
  4. i wud tell you the shut up but this is a forum. your from the states u dont understand my words, obviously ur gonna be confused. i just wanted to say....any one know what to call really really good weed, that in my expirence is just as good as the skunk(we call all chronic, like high grade buds,skunk, anythign else is weed.) i am awware most seeded weed is useless and shit!

    and oh yeh, i started this thread,to set the topic for the postings.made the subject not to specific on one thing.

    Relaxed smoker.,,you need to relax with your accuzations. i smoke GREEN only,stricly.fullstop.
  5. jhonny chronic thanks for the info
  6. the mersh yur talking bout is highgrade, maddest shit man. but fukin hard to get hold of in most places.
    ses is also banging, not as banging though.
  7. Where the fuck are you from? lol
    Mersh? Is that a strain?
  8. Mersh = commercial (i.e. - shwag)

    Jesus Christ, OP. Is your spacebar broken?

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