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mersh/shwag! how!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by All Indie, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Well, my area has been very dry of the usual and fairly good beasters/KB... and all thats around is headies and haze/ 25$ a gram...which i dont feel like spending 140$ a quarter, but i will buy a few grams of it here and there. Anyway, my co-worker's boyfriend sells mersh at 40$ a quarter, so i figured id give it a try. When i got there, i ended up getting 8 grams for 40$ cuz i work with her and they said they would hook me up lol. Anyways, i look at it and its definetely shwag, but actually has a bunch of trichomes on it blending in. So i roll up a blunt of usual proportions when i got home (lives 5 min away), and i got BLASTED! it was a wine game and it burned for 40 minutes! i dont understand for it gets me this high! not many seeds either.

    this happen to anyone else?
  2. It might have been a good strain that didn't have the males removed from the crop and was improperly harvested/cured...does it look like typical mersh? compressed and beat to all hell?
  3. ^ might have it, but i doubt hed be selling it that cheap if it was hg and pollinated by accident. itd still cost just as much to keep them around. just a thought.

    my guess is that you havnt smoked mersh in a while? lots of people get super trucked when they switch grades of trees (say beasters to headies, or headies back down to mersh) if they've been smoking of the same grade for some time. i know i always get wasted when someones got a joint or whatever of commersh because i just never smoke the stuff and wouldnt really know where to get it unless i was in my hometown.

    theres a different combination of chemicals (goodies) in all the different types of trees. THC is what gets you the most messed up, but MJ is a very complex plant, and theres a bunch of other good/ cool stuff in there that get you lifted/medicated/whatever else you are looking for.

    commersh is cannabinoid heavy, and gets you WASTED.
  4. i'm from the north shore, too, mang.

    go sox
  5. Mids are underrated; dank is overrated
  6. i always have some mersh around even when i have a bunch of danks because its just completely different and like puts me to sleep.. crazyness
  7. You got some nicely cared for mids. Good pickups like that are awesome. Picking up a half oz of good mids like that for $60 dollars is great.
  8. i actually just blazed half a grade dutch blunt of it again and im BLASTED, couldnt go any longer... ill finish it later, then one more full blunt with my bud tomorrow morning and i gotta pick up again

    Obviously you haven't smoke dank. :rolleyes:
  10. $25 a gram for dank!?!

    Yikes, those northeastern prices are awful.
  11. hardly any shwagg in boston bro. its all high mids or regular mids if its lower then dank
  12. #12 All Indie, Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2008
    im not "in" boston, north shore... trust me, theres plenty of shwag in/near the northshore lol if your from my area you will know
  13. get mids like that all the time here in Nc usually around 50-55 a half great quality for the price strains are hard to come by
  14. I get the same thing my boss has the nastiest tasting shwag but it get me soo retartedly high
  15. dude im high off some 4-way right now but i gotta say mids are pretty convenient, you can roll easily with em and bake brownies and vape and get super high. Plus they are mad cheap. I would say that dank is a bit overrated and mids a bit under.
  16. I'm happy with just my mids thankyou, 25$ a quarter, and I don't like how dank makes it difficult for me to move.
  17. I love some cheap mids, but I would in no way say that dank is overrated,
    perhaps overpriced in many areas of the world (30/60)
    but there is nothing I love more than some nice, juicy, green, buds
    My favorite thing is a 1/4 of mids and an 1/8th of some dank, so you can pack
    some glass and pass a blunt...
  18. #18 kush<>~, Aug 15, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2008
    No reason to be a dick.

    It all boils down to personal preference. I used to buy an ounce of schwagg that resembled kb for $40. When actually thinking of the "value" that option offered, is pretty tempting and many times I went that route. I always have schwagg in my stash for those days that I want a blunt or a j. I reserve all my dank pickups for bowls. Definitely nothing wrong for that. It all does what its supposed to do, get you high.

    Through the many years of smoking I have realized that you purchase what best fits your situation at that time. By no means that you are an "epic fail" or "non seasoned toker". I laugh everytime someone says something that stupid to another member.

    Now dont get me wrong, I love my danky strains and have no problem getting them (check my reviews) and toking them up. There is just nothing wrong with schwagg at all.

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