Mermaids: the body found. Crazy shit man

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  1. It's possible, but I have a theory about another mythical creature. Basically, unicorns lived underwater for millions of years and evolved into the modern-day narwhal.

    I might make a thread one day detailing the entire theory.
  2. half mer
    half maid
    I am

    *plays bongos*

  3. Camera phones were avaliable by the mids 90's, but youre right they were extremely rare. They actually talked about how rare they were in the documentary.
  4. I wander if they would have human or fish vaginas?

  5. Ok... Dude... Camera phones.... NOT VIDEO!!!!!

    Uuggh... People man.... I swear...

    No video phones until 2007. So was this kid a time traveler? If so I think thats a more interesting subjuct to make a documentary on.

  6. fish vaginas
  7. Maybe they do exist, I really wouldn't care though.

    It would be kind of cool, it makes me wonder about all the other species we don't know about.
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    i dont belive fish have vaginas persay i heard that they eject eggs that the male fertilizes no contact but i could be totaly wrong

    Maybe small numbers of herbivore dinosaurs live in the massive amazon
    They would have survived the ice age if they were in that area at the time the huge sheet of ice didnt even reach florida so im shure in south america it would have been warm enough but again i could be way wrong
  9. This can't be completely accurate but I'm using my own, possibly inaccurate, personal experience... however:

    One of my first cellphones (a fliptop Samsung) had video capabilities, along with that feature that allowed you to take 20 picture shots in 10 seconds. Seeing as I went abroad at 17 and had this phone when I was about 14..that puts the date around 2001 or the very latest, 2003. The phone was about $400. I don't remember the exact date, but I could take video footage on my phone and I do remember being in junior high lol. Either way it was definitely way before 2007.
  10. yeah but how many young teens or young teens parents shell out 400 bucks for a phone
    your point is they existed in the early 2000s my point is how uncomon they would be
  11. Mine came with a contract from Rogers (a Canadian company). Back in the day they didn't try to sex you in the ass for your business so if you got it on contract it only ran you a couple hundred bucks if I remember correctly.


    They were pretty common along with other Samsung phones.
  12. [ame=]Body Found on Beach | Mermaids - YouTube[/ame]

    lol I mean.. come on.. They claim this is ACTUAL footage. I dont care if the other blade didnt pay attention. Im a grown ass man, I know what I heard.
  13. LOL no camera phone can zoom in and focus like that, maybe now a days, but you claim that is from 2001? no.

  14. Yeah what's the history? A bunch of drawings and some mentions in literary works. We've been around for quite awhile, so why wouldn't we have had more contact with them if all these cultures talk about them so much?
  15. I'm on the GC app right now and haven't seen the full video, but the zoom/focus probably discredits what I said above. I only remember my phone being able to zoom in pictures, not in videos.
  16. That shits real! Like clearly the videos and actors they used are not real by any means but once they start talking about the evolution and history and how there were the same exact drawings of similar creatures on exact opposite sides of the world In a time where those people had no connection to each other what so ever is crazy.

  17. [​IMG]
  18. That pic^^^ is bullshit, I'm sure her real rack is beautiful and wants to be in my mouth.

    I can't wait for manbearpig, when are they gonna find them? I know they live in caves and shit
  19. Since the introduction of pinhole satellite imagery I'm becoming more and more skeptical about the worlds remaining mysteries. Not at all saying we wont discover new species just saying that in my opinion they won't be so different as some people are proposing.
    I think most of the new critters we find will blend into the current ecosystems for the most part. At least outside of true deepwater animals there is some weird shit down there.

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