Mermaids: the body found. Crazy shit man

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  1. Im watching this documentary on the discovery channel right now about modern day evidence for the existence of mermaids, this shit is blowing my mind.

    Any open minded blades should check this shit out.
  2. itd be real cool if youd like.. link to it or something. im pretty sure it isnt American Chopper: Sr vs Jr thats doing this.
  3. Im completely mindfucked right now, I always thought only idiots believed in this stuff. The world is so complex and mysterious, theres so mucho about it we arnt able to comprehind.
  4. Fuckin mermaids man
  5. Do you guys think its possible that millions of years ago a species of primates evolved to live in water? I think its completely possible. Land mammals have evolved to live in water plently of times.
  6. Mermaid's where actually a cartoon.From where are they going to get a mermaid out the ocean half human half fish.

  7. I dont think its half human half fish like in the movies.

  8. Its very possible.
    There are so many failed primate species.
    We may soon be one of them.
    who knows maybe mermaids evolved into dolphins and that's why they are so smart.
    It would also explain a few other things...
    [ame=]Top 10 Dolphins Humping Humans - YouTube[/ame]

  9. Ive seen it before.. The supposid "Actual video of a mermaid" is nothin but a cgi fake. They claim its cell phone footage from 2001... I dont think cellphones even had videos in 2001.. especially not ones of that quality.

  10. That was just a reinactment, they never claimed it was the actual vídeo.
  11. I was gonna make a thread on this!! I seriously believe that they existed or even exist in small numbers today, i mean all cultures have history of mermaids so its very possible
  12. Its at the end. They say this is the actualy cell phone footage. And I repeat, what cellphones had video features in 2001? That a young teen would have... in 2001.
  13. I'm waiting for dragons...I mean, dragons have been recorded throughout history, middle ages, before Christ.

    We got a shot at dragons...Mermaids? Anything is possible I guess.:cool:

  14. Ya. I like how they provided a scientific explanation for their existence and how they evolved.

  15. I know what scene you were talking about, they NEVER claimed it was real footage. I literally just watched it.
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    lol ok they did claim it was the real footage.. that was the whole point of the build up, watch it again. Still what cell phone in 2001 did young teens carry around with video features? I remember 2001 cellphones. You were lucky to take a picture.

    "By 2007, the first cell phones and other consumer products appeared using the Tardis technology to make the move from still cameras to full motion video"

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