Merit of Actions

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    One should perform actions of merit through being blissful and pleased. One should not find merit in actions through the praise of others.

    Having torn away the veil of ego, one becomes humble in action. Actions naturally become a service to others and surrender of the self to divine will. To live in divine will is to defeat the ego and live in the Hukam.

    One should find pleasure in skillfulness, and in conquering the lower nature that destroys concentration and sows confusion and loss.

    One should meditate on the absolute and unblemished primordial state. Remaining blissfully aware, embracing truth above all else, one will perform meritorious acts.

    There is one path and the pass is narrow. The mind contains a hundred demons and everyone will show you a way. Go the way that no demon leads. Follow in the command of the highest of the high.

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