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  1. (Ok, first off let me apologize for the long post, but I have seen many posts on the web regarding this issue that i did not feel covered the facts thoroughly enough to get a good answer that I can trust)
     Ok guys please either ease my mind or make me call my recruiter to cancel.......
    So I used to be a daily smoker..... 3-4 joints a day when possible.... It was pretty good mid grade.. I rarely smoke dro because I chose quantity over quality (a long story that will go far off topic lol) also my j's weren't big fatty's, but I don't usually roll super thin joints either (usually at least a .5)
    Well I decided to join the ARMY. As much as I love weed, it is not worth spending the rest of my life in the slums and I am committed to not smoking anymore for the sake of my family and my future. I have been clean for somewhere in the vicinity of 3 months (maybe not quite 3 months but pretty close) I have been smoking like this for about 5 years (sometimes i couldnt afford it but for the better part of those 5 years this was my routine)
    After quitting for good, I took a home test (50ng) at like 20-30 days and failed... Did the same test again at around 35-40 days and failed again.... took the test again at about 60 days and failed again.....
    I took the test again a few days ago (lost track but really around 3 months maybe a week or 2 off) and I passed (woot woot!!!) I finished processing at the recruiters and and took another test there and passed also! (they require you to take a preliminary drug test within 7 days before going to meps)..... I should ad that the home test I took was a 50ng and I assume the same for the recruiters test... THE PINK LINE WAS PRETTY FAINT BUT STILL VISIBLE..... Especially when compared to the other drugs that I have never used. ( also I should add that I am 24 years old, 5ft 8in. always varied between 195-210 and I have a slow metabolism and i don't exercise much)
    Now here is where my concerns come in.... There are a lot of mixed answers on the web about the MEPs drug test. I know it is only a urin test, but I have seen many different responses about whether the initial strip test they do is 50ng 20ng or 15ng.... I am concerned that since I was am just now able to pass the 50ng that I may not be able to pass a 20ng and especially not a 15ng.... Also I have seen many different responses as to whether or not all tests get sent to lab and how the lab testing works. 
    Some people have said that MEPS does a 50ng test and as long as it passes they go no further... Some have said that it is a 20ng test and if it passes they go no further.... Many people have said that they send ALL tests to a lab. Now about the answers I have seen regarding the lab... Some say they do a full test ever time and require 0ng to pass or u fail. If they even find 1ng of whatever they are looking for in regards to weed, u fail. Some say that if the lab gets it and it passes as an initial negative they do not do the gas test or anything and you are clear. Some say that if u pass but the line is faint they will do gas tests in which case if u are not at 0ng you are screwed.....
    So bottom line, I need somebody who understands MEPS tests to tell me how it works. I know I can pass a 50ng test at this point no problem (plus If I still go Thursday, I plan to stay up all night on Wednesday drinking water so that I don't have to worry about that first pee of the day issue, I'll get through being tired as long as i know I can pass the UA) But If they are doing anything more in depth than a 50ng, I am scared and will just have to do it later and possibly lose the job and ship out date I have reserved. (again my line was a fainter pink line so I assume it detected something, just not enough to go over the 50ng threshold and count as a fail...) Also my recruiter mentioned that if u failed at meps they used to let u retry in 45 days but now if you fail you are barred from all branches for life. I don't know if this is true or if he was just trying to scare me, but I do not want to take that risk. 
    Again sorry for the exceptionally long post and thanks in advance. And any thorough responses will be greatly appreciated.... I mean I really only have until Wednesday morning to cancel this thing. Its technically Tuesday right now (4:30am) so i got like 24 hours to figure this out) thanks again guys!

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    Smoking weed won't put you "in the slums" if you can't smoke and hold down a good job and have priorities straight that's on you man
  3. No it will not directly put me into the slums... It is a combination of my personality and mentality. I love my weed and I believe in peoples right to smoke, I just have the opportunity to do something with my life that will take me above the level that I or anyone in my family has ever been. Weed will stop that from happening, so it is no longer worth it. For the record I have been married for 6 years and have a 3 year old daughter. I have worked part time since I was 15 years old, and full time since I was 18. I worked everyday to support myself and my family, I even managed multi-million dollar 401k accounts for Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Booz Allen Co., however, I am not where I want to be in life financially or mentally, and that is not good for myself, my wife, or my daughter..... therefor I consider it the slums.
  4. i read like the first two paragraphs. and after you told me you passed the test three times and even took the test your recruiter gave you and passed I stopped. if you passed and stopped for 3 months then your fine. if you smoked again and are worried then you should be. 

    either way best of luck
  5. keep training, exercising and sweating. IF you want to squeeze more sweat from your body, do Bikram yoga. I don't have any info on the tests you mentioned, but I highly recommend Bikram yoga and in-place exercises to minimize your chance for being caught.  
  6. I know its a long post so Its hard to expect people to want to read the whole thing, but again the army is gonna test for the smallest trace amount of the stuff. I am able to pass a 50ng test, but that means I could still have 49.999ng in my system and if that's the case I'm going to fail the lab test.... The only reason I think I could still have some in there is because I was just recently failing the home test. so maybe I am below that threshold now, but not below the threshold of what the lab is gonna see....Anyways, I decided not to take the risk. I am going to a lab tonight and they will do the full lab test and have results to me by friday (I talked to the recruiter today and rescheduled meps for monday).
    For the sake of anybody who might do future research and see this post, I will definitely post my results then. Thanks for the help.
  7. All I have to say is you need to be 100% honest with your recruiter from the start. If you end up in some super high security clearance, then they do some digging and find out you WERE a stoner but neglected to tell them. Then they probably can't trust you lol.

    If you would have told him straight up you smoke weed, and you're not sure if it will be out of your system, he will help you out. But if You lie, waste his time, then test postitive, don't expect any favors.

    I didn't really read that long ass post. But if its not relevant, ignore me :)
  8.  lol Yea I know... I was honest with them about it, I just really thought it would have been out of my system sooner. It is out of my system enough to pass a cup test (I just got back from the lab and I passed it there, but wont have real lab results till friday) I am just worried that once meps sends it to the lab they might find a small trace that will get me booted.... (I mean if the cup test meant u were clear they wldnt bother with the lab test ya know)  But anyways I scored high enough to do any job, but i am going infantry, so no clearance required..
  9. Ok guys good news. I went to the lab, and they initially did a cup test that tested 10 drugs (all I was concerned about was the weed, I'v never done any other drugs). Cup test checked for 50ng of cannaboids, I passed that. The lab results tested for as low as 15ng of cannaboids, and I passed that as well. So I am off to meps on Monday to get sworn in. Thanks to all who responded
  10. Thank god i never joined the army. I'd rather blaze.
  11. Have fun with your new life brother. Be sure to post some stories when you can
  12. I smoked for about a week straight and have to take meps drug test in 30 days im 5'8 155 and have a good metabolism do you think i can pass i need to be put at ease


  13. Maybe.

    Did that help?[​IMG]

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