Mephisto Genetics Seeds back in stock at the Original Seeds Store

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  1. Mephisto Genetics Seeds - Who are they?

    Mephisto Genetics Seeds are a small outfit of autoflower enthusiasts, consisting of just 3 people, and with the help from real world and online friends alike are putting out some of the best automatic genetics available today.

    Mephisto Genetics Seeds do all of their work in-house, from selections to pollination to de-seeding and they work with the finest genetics either exclusive clone only strains from around the world or rare seedlines that they make F2's from and then select their new photoperiod parents from.

    Mephisto Genetics Seeds - Back in stock at the Original Seeds Store

    All of Mephisto Genetics Seeds are automatic and feminized, with all of the main catalogue strains being bred from scratch using elite cuttings or seedlines. All of Mephisto Genetics Seeds are also produced organically and these strains listed below are back in stock at the Original Seeds Store.

    24 Carat | A cross of B.O.G's Sour Boggle, turned into an auto over 4 generations of breeding, the current stock is F5 on it's way towards being an IBL.

    Auto Blues | An original auto strain developed using our favourite photoperiod of all time, 'The Blues' an elite clone only variety from the North of the UK that has been around since the early 90's, akin to the Exodus Cheese.

    Fantasmo Express | The most sativa dominant Mephisto strain available for purchase. After growing and evaluating a number of variants in the OG Ghost Train Haze series of strains from Rare Dankness, they found a stellar male to work with, pollinating a lovely hybrid indica/sativa auto that they'd previously bred to be very easy to grow, nice plant size and resin profile.

    | Mephisto Genetics were lucky enough to be given a very special bubblegum cutting of 90’s Serious Seeds origin. They crossed her to one of their high quality auto parents that is a good balance between indica and sativa.

    Sour Crack | A cross of 24 Carat and Auto Cush, then bred out to be fully autoflowering. Both photoperiod parents are extremely fast and frosty varieties.

    Sour Hound F2 | Sour Hound was a limited edition feminized F1 hybrid between Sour Crack and Chemdogging. They've freshly reproduced it, making a brand new F2 selection.

    Triangle Kush | The result of the project to find the very best OG Kush strain and then work her into an autoflower.

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