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Meow! Meow!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. Who left the door open? That damn big hairy tomcat got back in the house!!!!

    Missed me?

    Where's my hugs and kisses at?

    And NO, I didn't bring you any presents!
  2. Gotta watch out for those hairy tomcats,,,,lol,,,set loose the german

    Welcome back...hope all was well......

    I ended up losing my internet machine last week to the wrath of the chipmaster slaying team.(which sucked) to build new one....I think I am back on again...took a few,to get the bugs out,,but I'm faster loading now than before.....

  3. Welcome back BPP! Check around the site to see how much we missed you! You maybe surprised at how much we love you.

    Kill the tom cat and give us some stories! Where you went and what you did!!!!!
  4. Why do you want to hear my stories? They can't be that funny, can they?....

    OK here's a short one...

    July 4th about midnight, setting Biloxi Missippi.

    Club scene going on an BPP and the Mrs. are about the oldest folks there. Young hip cool looking 20-something kid is strutting around and slips and falls. His buddies laugh at him. What do you think BPP does..........????

    I go up to him and say:..........

    "Have a nice trip, son?"

    His buddies then to really start ragging on him then.

    Few minutes later guess who makes an appearance ?

    The Monkees!! Yeah, Davy Jones and Mickey Dolenz.

    They are walking around "Club Tiki" because they haven't sold out their show for the following night on July 5th.

    BPP starts singing "Hey, hey its the monkees, etc. etc." Like they had never heard that before. Davy turns around to give me a dirty look. No security around him and he's 6 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than the BPP so all's fair game. When I see him staring at me I spurt out " Damn, look at Davy's nose, you can tell he has snorted way too much coke, But that's probably why he's still touring. To get earn back some money that he sniffed away all these years"
    I was just wondering if you'd ever grace us with your presence again :)

    glad to hear you had some fun harassing young kids &, well, of course, davy jones. i would have laughed so hard!! glad you're back!!!
  6. I get back to work and what awaits me???

    A memo asking me to get a haircut.
  7. Those damn memos....don't feel bad,,,I'm donating another 20" of long assed hair to "Lockes of Love" tommorrow. If you aren't familiar,,they provide wigs of natural hair to cancer patients...I figure,,it helps the emotional aspect of dealing with at least part of the kemo side effects..It still grows well at my what the hell....I'll be buzzed...thats the suck part for me,,,I still don't care for that

    I suppose your starting to look a bit grizzly to longhairs

    Do you get to say..."what memo"


  8. Our big boss's secretary is a very stingy women and she doesn't like to spend money on getting her hair fixed. I replied that I would get my hair professionally styled right after she did.

    P.S. she was the one who sent me the memo, claiming it was from the big boss.

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