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Mentholated weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WillSucka, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. For starters I've heard the reason why menthol cigarettes are so bad for you is because the menthol will cut the inside of the lungs. This I guess would cause the chemicals from the tobacco to absorb into the lungs. If that is true then wouldn't the cuts from the menthol allow the thc to absorb in your lungs and get you higher? Which leads to another question: Is the menthol in cigarettes contained in the tobacco, paper or filter? I want to know if the burning of the menthol would destroy it. The new Camel Crush cigarettes just came out with the little menthol ball in the filter. Would I be able to effectively add this to weed and would it be beneficial either for taste or level of highness?
  2. I wouldn't ruin my headies by adding a menthol ball, I'll tell you that much.
  3. Menthol is bad in cigs because it opens up your air-ways. This allows you to take a bigger pull, and also to take that nasty crap and stick it WAY deeper into the tiny little airways in your lungs - where they then get stuck when the airways contract. This traps the radiation/tars deep inside your lungs where it just festers and causes all kinds of damage...

    I've stuck peppermint leaves in my blunts before... Makes 'em nice and smooth and gives a good flavor, too :D Not a lot though... Just a little little bit...
  4. wow i didnt no menthol was that bad for you..fuck it i still love them newports
  5. if you use camel crush just keep the ball in the filter
  6. I never knew methol cigs were that bad for you. I'll keep that in mind..

    Peppermint leaves sounds like an interesting idea though. I think I might try that.
  7. The only aspect of menthol cigarettes that make them worse than normal cigs is, as previously mentioned, the fact that you can inhale more smoke since the menthol cools your airway and lungs. Nothing sticks to or cuts your lungs. Menthol is just a plant.
  8. I have a friend who ate the camel crush menthol ball, it was funny

  9. Would it then be a good idea to use the ball in the filter of Camel Crush for js to allow you to inhale more?
  10. I suppose so. Assuming you're not using the actual filter I doubt it would make any real difference, and personally I like the taste of weed.
  11. As do I, but it'd be cool to have colder hits from regular js.
  12. i would smoke it as it is. No sense in ruining some fine ass shit. Just put ice in your bong, there is really no need for menthol. It would just distort the weed, the only thing i add to my pack are keif or more weed. :D
  13. I love iced bongs. :bongin:
  14. after reading this thread last night, me and my friends put the ball from a crush in a joint and it was amazing.

  15. im sorry but that makes no logical sense whatsoever..
    how would menthol flavouring cut your lungs!?

    the dude who said about how menthol opens up the airways and so the tobacco could cause more damage that way.. good point, never really thought about it.. but it wont stop me smoking menthol rollys.

    the only way ive heard that cigarettes could damage your lungs in a cutting way
    is with some marlboro cigarettes, the filters are cut to size using a razor sharp glass edge, and this can sometimes leave glass particles on the end of the filter.. but menthol? nah dude.
  16. Don't do anything with that little menthol ball. It's like eating a pack of listerine strips I heard. I mean eating the enitre pack at once. You probably don't want to ruin your bud with all that.

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