Menthol Swishers...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Anybody smoked these yet?

    Ive been seein em around for a few months but never picked em up but tired of the reg shit ive been smokin so figure ill try the only swishers i havent, Menthol.

    Bout to roll one up and see, Smells fuckin rank.
  2. yeah ill smoke a menthol blunt every now and then. when i first saw them i couldnt believe my eyes.
  3. I like them... but not to often.....
  4. Meh, Its aight.

    Deff taste the menthol but WOULD NOT smoke these regullarry.

    Ive been smokin optimo peach/grapes everyday rececntly and swishers peach/grape/strawberry and i dig all those.

    This menthols killin the flavor of my ganz.
  5. i was gonna say, totally fucks up the flavor of your 'ganz' lol
  6. Ya tried them like 4 months ago, they're pretty smooth I didn't mind them but original is alll daaaayyyy.
  7. menthol blunts!? i havent seen those yet! that sounds awsome if youre smokin a middy blunt! it would make it soo much smoother....
  8. You know Optimo has made an "icy mint" blunt for years.... and they are good.....
  9. i don't really like'em they make the blunt taste like a newport
  10. ugh menthol

    i hate menthol

    lol haha, sorry
  11. i dont like them. they taste nothing like a menthol cig. lol
  12. Yeah they nuttin great, Ive only smoked the one so far. Got a peach swisher goin now.
  13. Man fuck that shit. I would never smoke my shit outta some menthol blunts.
  14. The thought of the taste makes me cringe.

  15. Corona Grape Dutches are where it's at.
  16. ^This.

    Tastes like you brush your teeth right after you get done smoking.
  17. Fuck corona's, Ill smoke rillo's all day.
  18. i havent tried them yet simply becaus they dont sell singles

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