Menthol ciggerettes....

Discussion in 'General' started by Newbie Toker, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. My friend bought some yesterday, and they taste damn nice! what dya think of 'em?
  2. i smoke newports so yea i like menthol. haha on the side of newports on the barcode it says "goods" does any other cig brand have taht? haha, i'ma start callin cigarettes goods if this applies to others.
  3. American Spirits are my choice of cig..i used to hand roll, but im trying to cut back so i get the filters....the Green packs are the menthols and theyre damn good...the menthol shocks your nerve endings which respond by blocking pain when you smoke one it really does feel "cool"...its like smoking a coughdrop
  4. no way man iv smoked ci's for almost three years and everytime i smoke a menthol i feel sick. i stick to the marbs the only time i can smoke menthol is when im blazed.
  5. I'm not a stoge smoker, but I can at least tolerate normal ciggs. But when you're talking about menthols, hell no. Make me feel so messed up, especially Newports. All my friends smoke em, I can't stand the smell at all, makes me sick to my stomach.

  6. more than yellow 5 in mountain dew.
  7. When i used to smoke cigarettes, they'd usually be menthol newports. Then i quit smoking for a year or so, and i had some newports, and i couldnt stand them at all, they just tasted gross and made me feel kinda sick. Guess something happend during the break of smoking that made me not like them anymore...
  8. yeah i like to smoke a newport (menthol) after a good blaze. They are pretty damn good, but here lately I've moved into Marlboro 27's and they fuck me up after smokin a few bowls of some nugs. I also like Marlboro reds.
  9. hate them they suck....and i feel like an old woman smoking them...

    and theyre also horrible for joints...
  10. maountain dew cause;s a drop in count??

    don't menthols have tiny glass in it that gets in your throat or something? i was told anyway

    I rather camel wides. After smoking wides, normal cigs just feel skinny, and girly. lol
    speaking of that, i got so baked a few weeks ago, i smoked a whole pack, one after another not taking a break, they were gone fast and i felt like shit... plus i was already sick, sore throat, etc. dumb things i do
  11. I've never been a fan of menthol. It just doesn't seem right.

    I usually smoke camel lights, but right now I have a pack of marlboro reds. I love smoking cigars, my tobacco pipe, hookahs, just not menthol.

  12. There used to be rumors that would go around (especially in schools and what not) claiming yellow 5 (a dye used in many foods) in Mountain Dew caused a drop in sperm count. Quite honestly it does...but the simple fact that almost anything you eat these days that has been genetically fucked with will do this, paired with the other fact that your body is constantly regenerating EVERYTHING (including the 5-7 BILLION sperm cells per one to three day period) that it widdles that yellow5 claim down to all you male mountain dew fans, alas you can rest assured that you too can some day be a daddy....(BTW the most drastic drops in sperm count aren't caused by foods..but by for thought)

    And regarding the menthols and glass...its an urban legend..flat out. It started with chewing tobacco..claiming that fiberglass was added in in order to make microscopic cuts in your mouth for better absorbtion of nicotine...but why would this be necessary since nictoine itself dialates blood vessels and doesn't need anything else in order to be fully absorbed. This rumor spread to other cigarettes, but mainyl stuck with the menthols, appearently something about menthols having that unnatural tobacco tastes throws people off and makes them suspicious...but like i said in my earlier post, all the menthol does is shocks your nerves into thinking theyre being harmed, and in return they send a signal to your brain basically shuttin off the pain sensations...thus yo get quite literally a minty/numbed "cool" feeling when you smoke menthols.

    Same thing goes for anything with menthol in it..lip balms that have menthol (or peppermint oil, or mentholiptus SP?) are added because of their mild topical anesthetic properties...and since it already has a strong mint flavor it doesn't need to be covered up by some other scent. Even some perfumes have menthol in them now that i think about it.

    Camel Wides are great, if you think normal cigs feel skinny, try a pack of "capris", theyre about 150% longer than your average cig, but are something like 5 milimeters in looks like youre smoking a lolipop stick..
  13. Thanks for the info NuBBiN.

    haha, those would be some weird cigs
  14. yeah my cig of choice does happen to be newports....

    I used to hate menthol but this past summer i started to smoke them on a more constant basis...Now i love them...the sweet sweet menthol...

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