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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Maitereya, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. so i was in a mental instution. i was playing this slot machine, its fake of course but theres little coins to play with. and this other realy crazy dude comes up to me and wants to play. so im like 'ok you can play one round'. and he wins the jackpot that 1 round and all these coins are flying out. and hes going nuts, so i get pissed because that was my turn he stole, i was trying to be nice. and he laughs in my face and is throwing coins all over. then i pull out the coin tray where they all are storeed and im like, 'these are fake all the coins are right here it doesnt matter' and he gets really pissed when i say this and we are wrestling on the ground. the nurse comes in to give him a tranqulizer shot and the crazy guy steals the needle and stabs me repeadedly in the arm and side. so im bleeding all over when a bunch of other helpers come in and restrain him. and i go wait in the hall to see a nurse about my arm.
  2. what idiot sent you there.
  3. ya that was a crazy story . why were u there?
  4. Ahahahahhhshdahdsahidsaufasdhgf978t-987_#*#_*A(*&(*&(*&ADA*/*/D +rep for sure
  5. so they have computers for insane people now?
  6. Lol.

    ive been to one of those places.
    i saw a kid take on like 3 assistant guys it was pretty nice
  7. I was once sent to a mental institution for taking an axe I made in shop class, and hacking up my princapal and putting him into the chili mix. Then while in the institution I ate crayons and rolled my poo into little balls and flicked it at people. I'm still in treatment.

  8. Omfg thats insane dude

  9. Thats messed up man why would you say that
  10. Because its as much of a bullshit story as the other guys....
  11. Or a story he stole.
  12. actually it was a dream. but it was bugging me all day so i posted it. and ive heard other crazier stories than this, i cant believe so many people would think its bs.
  13. lol either way it made me laugh
  14. ahhh, i'm super sober and laughing my nuts off at AFD. you've made so many wonderful posts lately, man. +rep rep rep.
  15. Yeah, I've been getting a lot of bud, a lot of my funnier posts pretain to me being extremely high all the time. It's a nice thing to be. They say I'm not quite right in the head though. Who knew that video taping myself having the 'poo flinging' Olympics would lead them to belive I was, quote; un-quote "Unstable". ;)

  16. Sorry bub. You should have told that it was a dream, and not an actual story. Again sorry, will you take the joint now and shut up. :smoking:
  17. A dream was the first thought that popped in my head when I read that. Not really appropriate for "Real Life Stories"...especially if you don't say it's a dream. :)
  18. christ people...
  19. lol i almost shitpissed my pants laughing at that shit ROFLWAFFLES ahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaha +rep. damn it now i gotta clean the spit from my monitor.

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