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Mental blockage

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by psilocyborg6311, May 18, 2010.

  1. I have been smoking for quite a few years and thought I would share with all of you an observation that I've made and ask that you contribute your experience with such events.
    So, the very few first times that I smoked I believe that I possessed a different mentality than I do now that previously let me reach new (more elevated) peaks within my high. These first few times my imagination would have to some extent control over my perception of the outside word. Meaning, things that I imagined or thought were real existed to me. It was much more of a euphoric high and I believe much more akin to tripping on mushrooms (intense colors, closed eye visuals, a 'melting' feeling, etc.) I seemed to be regressing back to my childhood years and could once again properly 'pretend' as children do.
    After toking for so long though I have lost this ability and now my high is much more similar to those portrayed in popular media (Extremely laid back, mildly unmotivated, occasionally falling into trance-like states (usually accompanied by non-visual, intense thought sessions), etc.)
    I don't know if the change was caused by a higher tolerance physically, a higher level of mental recognition (your brain begins to recognize being high and 'gets used to it'), or an altered state of mental health or perception. The reason for the third possibility is because at the time my fiance was the only one that I smoked with and we were extremely comfortable with eachother and were not afraid of embarrassing ourselves in front of eachother. I recently did take a month (a little longer actually) Tbreak to lower my tolerance. My tolerance was lowered but this type of high did not return.
    Any thoughts or suggestions to get the high back are more than welcome. Also, if you have any lost feelings from those first days please feel free to share. And finally, I'm sorry that this post is so long, but I tend to get a bit wordy when I toke:smoking:

  2. I hear ya, I wouldn't call it a mental block though, I was worried you couldn't think straight when sober from years of smoking pot.

    I would say like any thing else, it gets old. I noticed this about 4 years after smoking marijuana for the first time. I use it to chill from my school work mainly and it gets old after a while and then I'll stop for a week and then smoke for a week and so on. I'm the kind of person that needs to change things up contently and smoking weed does seem to be just the same thing over and over.

    However if you want things to be more interesting do things that you've never done high before. Go for nature walks/hikes while high if you haven't. Take a shower high if you haven't. Draw, paint, make music, build something, make a computer program, whatever you're creative thing is do that high, thats where I tend to let the MJ take over me.

    And if it all comes down to you think thats its not really worth it even to smoke...then don't:p It's easy to find other things to do and you're always welcome to come back to it.
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    I know what you mean... and it seems that after you toke for so long you never really get back to the first month. Regardless of if you have a tolerance or not, I think that your brain retains the memory of what its like to be high. I mean I can still get blazed out of my mind, but it will never those 'woahh wtf is going on' feelings...more like an intensified stoned. I don't think theres much you can do unless you stop for 10+ years and totally forget what its like to be high.
  4. Thanks for the responses people. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that noticed this occurrence. I like the idea of doing new things while you're high. I think tomorrow I'll go for a long walk in a local park after I toke.:D Thanks again.
  5. I notice this too bro... I too am nostaglic of this.. my highs are not as euphoric or "awe-inspiring" as they were back in my rookie days... :(
    Guess nothing good lasts forever lol... the conclusion i reached though is that maybe my cannabinoid receptors are "exhausted" idk lol... But after a longggg t-break you should notice an increase in that prior 'excitement' But it's not only the herb lol... the same as with ANYTHING pleasurable. Even sex. Are you gonna compare a couple's sex on their wedding night to their 30 year anniversary night lol? Exactly... same logic applies. Only thing that can 're-intensify' it is a duration of abstinence..

    & as they said above, its true - do different things while high. i notice listening to the same CD over and over while high gets prettyyyyyyyy boring only after so long... theres so many places to go & see - even from your couch if your finanicial situation isnt so great (think 'Planet Earth' DVD lol)

    One love bro :smoke:
  6. wall of text crits you for wtf!
  7. It is probably tolerance. I am like this, and when my tolerance shot through the roof after smoking alot, so I took a break and came back and started smoking hash instead of bud, and now its way stronger then it was when I first started smoking.
  8. I know exactly what you're sayin

    The first time I ever got high, I sook a shower directly afterwards. It was intense, I felt kind of like my senses were jumbled... And my gum tasted AMAZING like WTF and I got closed eye halucinations of abstract things... But I could regocnize them... And like when my hair felt like awesome in the water and i could do the robot AMAZINGLY it was intense as all shit

    But i've never ever ever had that same high. I feel it would be very akin to a trip.
  9. That first or second intesnse high you had was because it was new to your body and your brain doesnt know what to, how to, function while on it. The more you smoke, the more your brain gets used to weed (tolerance wise). What im saying is that, the first couple times you smoked your brain didnt know what to do, and it freaked out giving you hallucinations and euphoric feelings, Now..after smoking a lot your brain has learned how to take in THC without freaking out, Your brain has corrected itself.

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