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  1. Personally I am all for hitting men and women. Some crazy comes at me with a knife Imma drop kick that ass.
    But I don't know if I could bring myself to hit a kid. I've worked with kids for 6 years. Never crossed my mind to hit a kid. One even fucking bit me. Could have slapped the shit out of some adults though. I didn't. That self control though.
    As far as the parameters for children go I would define a child as a person with a child's mindset. So of course this restrains me from hitting some adults.
    BT Dubs hardcore non-violent dude. I think the last time I put my hands on someone I was 12.
    So ultimate question, kid comes at you with a knife, you roundhouse dat ass? Or use a more passive approach?

  2. hmmmm well I agree I don't think I could bring myself to EVER hit a kid...PERIOD...I would hope to have a more gentle approach...if I had to run from him until I could notify the local be it....but hitting a way..i get pissed when I see some parents being rough with kids..makes me wanna walk up to the folks and shake the hell outta them all the while screaming in their face "how do you like being shook bitch!!!"..I just cant stand to see any kid mistreated it REALLY pisses me off....
  3. If a kid is swinging a knife at me with trying to hurt me and telling it to stop isn't working you bet your ass I'm gonna deck that kid. It wouldn't need to be hard obviously but in a me or you situation I will come out on top regardless of who it is.

    That's a very specific scenario you've come up with. Most of the time I'll just give em a little whisky. Shuts the little bastards right up
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    true story, while stopping at a rest area on the interstate while working for the highway dept I was walking into the bathroom when I heard some dude talking to a child really really cruel...I peeked my head around the door and seen this truck driver about 6ft tall cussing a Mexican kid about 6 years old. he said things like" you dirty G.D spic" "look at your filthy ass" you pissed in the fuckin floor"..he then kept saying other things and then I heard a big WOP!..and the kid started crying...that did it!..i walked on in there and said, "hey big boy" "you can hit a little kid mother fucker" " now why don't you try someone who is able to hit back" and I grabbed the little boy and put him behind me..i was enraged...I told him "dude I don't know what your problem is", but you have 5 seconds to get the hell out of here before you get fucked up"...dude replied "this is none of your business"..i said, bitch, "it became my business when your coward ass laid your hands on a child"..i said the state police will be here any minute and your ass is going to explain to the law why you hit this kid"..well the pussy son-of-a-bitch took off running out of the bathroom to his rig..i swear..everytime I think about what happened to that poor kid it makes my blood boil...fuck that cowardly ass
    racist bullshit...I for one wont stand for it...
  5. Now my question to you is where were this kids parents? Who let's a 6 year old go to the bathroom at a truck stop by themself? Pretty dumb on the parents part
  6. self-defense is legal in my state, so if I were ever so
    incapacitated to the extent that a child was somehow
    threatening my life with a weapon, I would drop that kid
    in a heartbeat. There are a million-and-one ways to subdue
    a child without hurting him or her, but like I said, in this rare
    hypothetical, I would defend myself hands down.
  7. I don't think punching someone is the best way to defend against a weapon.
    A grappling move of some sort would probably be best whether it were man, woman or child attacking.
  8. How many hordes of small children do you think you could take before you got tired or one got a lucky shot and you get overrun?
  9. Easy hundred. If i had the right defensive position like a hallway I could last all day. Could be fun
    Absolutely not, it is never preferable to grapple with someone with a weapon like a knife, or honestly in any kind of fight on the street. Especially if someone has a short knife you want them as far away from you as possible. I mean yeah grab his wrist if he gets to you but it would always be preferable to strike them first.
    This also applies even if they're unarmed, if you grapple with them they can spit in your face, gouge your eyes out, fishhook you, knee you in the nuts, etc.
    But despite the above, if you're confronted by someone with a knife, and you are unarmed, the best thing to do is always to run away.
    Agreed, I wouldn't go for the wrist though, good way to get your wrist slashed. I guess amateurs with a knife might go for a deep stab where you could disarm but anyone good with a knife will keep a good distance, harass any come in and aim for veins / arteries for good slash or stab and severe. Though I guess that's the beauty of a weapon, anyone can use it and you're not normally up against a trained fighter. If i was absolutely forced to fight someone with a knife I'd probably try to use clothe or a belt against them before going unarmed.
    I'd probably try to kick them to be honest, because that gives me a bit more range than they'd have with a knife. I still say that the only smart option is to run away, 9/10 times you're going to get stabbed.
  13. anyone comes at me with a knife, they're catching a .38 special +P hollow point with their chest.
  14. depends on the circumstances, right?

    I've witnessed a "kid" murder another "kid", so it is not a yes or no question, really

    however, to your point, kids are different and should (for the most part) be treated differently
  15. I remember one time I saw a kid being bullied and the kid's father came running out of the house and spartan kicked the little shit. I can't honestly say I wouldn't do the same if I saw a larger kid picking on mine.
    Speaking of kids wilding out, enjoy. Nobody will even touch this kid because of fear of legal reparations.

    I like that.
    Obviously in most situations you can use passive manipulation to alter a child's actions. 
    But in your ninja kid with a knife. I have to say a quick kick in the face would cross my mind.
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    Good responses all around. I felt there would be a few ambiguous answers. Which is always welcome.
    The capacity of an adult (male in my case) to surpass the physical capability of a child is enormous. I brought up the knife to demonstrate a point to some regard.
    Because me disciplining a child physically is much like me coming at the child with a knife in some regards.
    That fact that in most cases I would be %400 larger than the child puts me at a very objective advantage in terms of a physical altercation between me and a child.
    That said. In normal circumstances I could never bring myself to hit a child.
    Very good answers all around.
    This is to say that us reacting with physical response to the child with the knife then permits an approbate level of physical defense from a child if an adult was the aggressive party?
    (scale of size of adult to child, size being the knife)
  18. To discipline a child , spanking should be okay .

    I feel a lot of people see spanking as straight up abuse and I feel there is a strong distinction between the two .

    Abuse is coming home to a drunk mom or dad who verbally puts you down as well as beating the shit out of you for no reason other than the fact that you remind your mom/dad of your mom/dad .

    Spanking in the form of discipline will go a long way in correcting unwanted behavior . Like for instance that video someone posted of the child acting ape shit at the arcade . I GUARANTEE you ::kisses my hand to God:: if that child was disciplined in the form of spanking , that video wouldn't even exist .

    If you're hitting a child for a reason (he touched something he shouldn't have or something like that) , spanking him and then explaining WHY you had to spank him and that you don't want to have to do that but you WILL if rules are not followed .

    That child gonna wake up early Sunday morning by HIMSELF and do his own early morning worships

    I clean table ... I clean mouth ... You breathe deep
    You're entitled to your opinion and hold the beliefs that you hold and act on them the way that you do.
    Would it be ok for me to spank a woman if she was misbehaving?
  20. Well back in the good ol days , slapping your lady was how you made sure dinner was on time , every time .

    I'm joking of course . But you're comparing a grown ass woman to a child who's behavior is a DIRECT reflection of how you've raised them and if they respect you .

    When it comes to developing and shaping a child to being a productive member of this society , any way that works for you , obviously you're the parent so whatever .

    But if you're bribing your kids (if you do this , I'll give you this) you're not teaching them anything other than the fact that if they act up , they'll get something out of it .

    And I would rather be the parent who could walk thru the snack aisle without my 3 year old causing a scene cuz he knows that's only going to get him into trouble .

    I clean table ... I clean mouth ... You breathe deep

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