Men and their god-fearing ways.

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  1. I come to you now with a thought that may have been most provocative to the words of a wise man: Humans fear what they can never understand.
    Godlike rhetoric plagues our streets, in the form of confused radicals who have dubbed themselves with the power of God. This is most prevalent in the Gnostic community, where the belief of fighting is cast out except in cases of fightings for one's own deity.
    "O hell! Cast me with blasphemic balls of brimstone!" I shout as this rhetoric corrupts my people. I say 'my people', not in the sense of being another corrupt leader, but in the sense of walking among the people of this planet and hoping for clarity as to what lies beyond.
    Never can a christian relate with a jew. Nor a Catholic with a Lutheran, though all forms of their religion have become derived from gnosticism. This is a widely accepted look on their sect of religions, though given the oppurtunity and a cold blade, they would plunge steel into their 'lost' brethren.
    Alas, do not believe this to be a criticism of the derivitives of gnosticism, but merely the killings that have occured in the name of peace and justice. There are 12 major religions on this planet, and hundreds of derivitives of those religions. But not only have the religions waged war on eachother, the derivitives wage war with their own people!
    This boils down to one theory. Humans are, have been, and will be, god-fearing. The belief that they are being led into Shangri-La provokes them into the deepest state of corruption:
    "Allright boys, the one with the highest body count-wins."
    Proof of deitous structure is meaningless. One must live a self-righteous life without turning every corner in fear of eternal damnation. I assure you, if there is indeed a supreme being, and he casts you into a pit of fire for living a self righteous life merely because you refused to believe in something or someone you could not see.. The only people getting into Heaven under this rule are ego-maniachal dictators! In which case, you're better off in hell.
    "Serve me up Hitler on a big fluffy cloud!"

    Is there a contrast deeper to that of black? Picture with me, if you will, the deepest darkest black bottomless pit you can imagine. Do not see the darkness. FEEL the darkness. While you are in this state of trangressional fear, Try to imagine one level below.. An abysmall state of nothing. Dark. Absolutely nothing. Cold. Dark. Alone.
    Can you do it? Alas, in all my years of trying, I have had no such luck. The contrast goes from white/grey/black.. And no matter how fast I visualise this contrast changing from latter to present.. Black is as far as I can allow myself.
    This leads me to believe that our brains are nowhere near capacity in this cruel third dimension to understand the epitamy of that contrast. Only a deity of supreme glory can understand what is above this dimension. What is of a contrast we can never understand. A flower so beautiful, you are never to see, blinded are you, as well as me. What can be achieved, you ask, in this state of mind? Fear.
    "Humans fear what they can never understand"
    I believe the wise man who stated this prophecy is now enlightened with a glow beyond that of the brightest star.
  2. thanks Durchii. who wrote that? u?
  3. "is god the mistake of man, or is man the mistake of god?" - nicheze(sp)

    -from what i read god is the mistake of man since so many killings have been taken out in gods name.

    all fear stems from death. death of ego, death of the body. once we get over the fact that we are gonna die theres no fear. but theres the challenge. we all have the capacity to get over fear and death, we all have the capacity to be a great saint, we all have the capacity to visualize an "abysmial state of nothing."

    how often does anyone meditate? i do maybe an 1.5 hours a week. buddah, jesus, muhommed im sure all meditated 1.5 hours a day. these people were beyond death, beyond fear. able to shape reality around them at a whim.
  4. Yea froggy I wrote it myself..

    And it's spelled Nietzsche. It took me a day to memorize that even with a photographic memory. :p
  5. These Two Concepts Have Killed More People Than God Can Make

    Science has killed = I can't count that high, no one can

    Religion has killed = Ditto

    As long as the nature of man wars against his environment then he will corrupt any idea or thought that comes within his sphere of influence no matter how high he aims his ideals. You can blame religion for the evil that men do or you can blame the people that refuse to live up to what they're capable of. We don't say God with reverence and we talk of Sir Isaac Newton with a smirk.

    IMHO these concepts don't lead people anywhere, people go where they please and act as carelessly as they wish. It's not rocket science bros because we've always done whatever we've wanted and justified it in Jesus' name or his scientific counterpart.

    "Science can purify religion from error and superstition; religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes. Each can draw the other into a wider world, a world in which both can flourish.... We need each other to be what we must be, what we are called to be."

    ~Pope John Paul II~

  6. who knows god???? god is what we think of "it". think it loves you and it is so.

    how do we overcome the fear of the unknown... face that fear and make it known. otherwise, you live in ignorance... and that aint no bliss let me tell you.

    now imagine if you can, just for a fleating moment a 26 dimensional universe in which you reside.

    and if we're quoting nietzsche...
    "stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back"
    or something to that effect.

    as for religions raging war... my own one has not raged any war, for i made it in myself. also, i think taoists have no claim to any war either, but then that could be due to the fact that they are not strictly a "religion". and further, the religions themselves are not to blaim, only the interpretations and contortions of those religions by those of toxic mindedness. they just need a clean. ;)

    {(goes for a "wash")}

    ps, i never liked that word... so misused, ya know... all of us putting so many conotations to it and trying to tell others how it is. ... its just a word! "god"

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