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  1. If we are the sum of our experiences, Then the person who we become as we grow through this life, is molded and manipulated and entirely created by the things that we do and experience.

    Now if all this is true....what about the shit you cant remember?

    Are your experiences a part of who you are, even when you don't or cant remember them?

    I have huge chunks of memory missing. As some of you already know, this is because of some rare type of epilepsy and has nothing to do with being a pothead.

    So what I am trying to comprehend is...... Are those things I did and cannot remember still a part of who I am? Or because they are just blank spots from my perspective, is the only way those times effect me based on what I think and feel about not being able to remember?
  2. Whatever you think of is what you are.

    So, the things you do not remember/think of are not you. But if you do think of the nature of these forgotten things, then they are you.

    Of course, all these memories are phantoms... a fabrication of the current self... always subject to revision.

  3. always subject to revision ..... We cannot revise event only our perspective
    cant change what has happened but you can always change how you look at it....

    It seems that the events that I cannot remember dont effect me as much as the fact that I cannot remember them....
    I am reminded of it constantly.....

    I cant remember things I did last year or even last month with any detail.....and the three years before this last one.....I remember almost nothing....

    Because this is till a new development ....(over the last few years) I still havent adjusted to it completely....
  4. Where is the event to be unchangeable?

    Have you seen a doctor about this?

    What can be done about this?

    I guess that's all the more reason to enjoy the present. :eek:
  5. I would assume that those forgotten memories are integrated now into your subconscious.
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    Those unchangeable events still remain in the memories of those who witnessed them- even if i have no memory of them myself they still effect me....

    i have seen more then enough doctors.....
    i know the reason i have this memory problem....thats simple.....I developed a rare case of epilepsy most of that story is over here ....

    seizures really fuck with your memory.....
    I would have back to back partial seizures for days on end sometimes....hence the big holes in my memory...... If you have read that thread already then you know i had my entire right temporal lobe removed about a year ago.....

    no ill effects from the surgery at all...but still the memory problems......

  7. If this is the case and they are hidden the hell do i recall them?
  8. Yeah, the past only exists as a fabrication of the mind.

    You of all people should know how unreliable these memories are.

    Recalling the unrecallable.

  9. The things that you remember mold you the most, but everything you've experienced is stored inside of your heart quite literally, and one can recall any memory in it's EXACT form, being able to perceive every little detail of the memory, the color clothing worn, a penny on the ground that wasn't even in your field of vision, everything that was in the area. This is due to inhaling the ether/akasa which permeates all of the universe and stores everything that happens. It's known as the Akasa Chronicle, and when one can tap into it, depending on the degree of your ability to do so you can know all things in the past, any thing that has ever been written, nothing is ever lost that occurs in the physical world. Also the future can be seen in this manner as well. An adept can indeed literally "know everything" as far as our current level of science and history. Anything that has ever been recorded can be known without study with full access to the Akasa Chronicle.

    As stated in another thread, this matter is a bit too occult for me to elaborate any further on.
  10. Believe me i do know how unreliable they are.....
    regardless of where the past still exists... it has effects on us and our much effect it has, you can decide for yourself- for each of us it is different...

    I have all these issues with memory in the last few years...yet i can remember things from childhood before i could speak- and remember them with perfect clarity

    unpossable....? i dont think i have heard that before...
    nothing is imposable.....
  11. There is no past or future. It is always right now.

    How long is now? A millisecond? A second? 13.7 billion years?

    If/Unless you say so. ;)
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    Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2010 with you on this completely...but even though it is always right now.... now is effected by the now that has already passed...and will have an effect on the now yet to come

    I say so! :D

  13. from my perspective
    I believe


    they are

    your experience brought you to the position you are at today
    thus your 'today' represents the accumulation of your experience
    regardless if all your experience is active or was active throughout

    your experience is a single experience
    which you are continuing to experience

    I believe your experience can also be returned to being active
  14. next step.....

    wile i was having these different blackouts...... I know exactly what was happening physically to put me in this state

    but they could never figure out what was making it happen.

    Until surgery I literally would have back to back partial seizures for days on end non stop.....

    I saw the eeg myself.

    So what I am asking now is....

    What really caused these events?

    I have my own theories of course....

    there was nothing physical that the doctors could find to make this happen
  15. of course they are
  16. Ok....So i have no problem remembering things from my very youngest before I could talk....

    Including dreams.
    I can remember the dreams I had before I could speak....

    In many of them there was always something I was trying to find....

    My mother died in many of my youngest dreams.....
    though she is still alive...I havent spoken to her since I was 15....22 years ago....

    I would often see flashes of different people....
    Most of whom I have met at some time in my life since then

    I am often convinced that i dreamed this entire life before I could talk....
  17. It all = 0.

    Nothing ever changes.

    Its all so boring.


  18. im sorry am I boring you?
  19. No you aren't directly.

    But the responses and the thread is.

    Its like everyone's just masturbating.
  20. Dr. Dan Siegel

    Seriously...either buy his book or check it out from your library. Probably one of the most fascinating documented doctoral studies on the mind AND the brain you'll come across. If nothing else comes of studying it you'll walk away with a thorough understanding of how the mind works and have a clearer picture of the brain and it's functions. I am now on my second reading of it. Fascinating really.

    Interesting how "things" work out. I was contemplating sending you this reference in a PM. So here we go.

    Check it out dingus. It's perhaps time for a new perspective with your diagnosis. This Doc is no BS.

    Peace dingus and good luck man.

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