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Memory Loss and Getting Over the Bad Users?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LeananSidhe, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone!
    I'm new on the forums, but I've been creeping around reading post after post without saying much. I'm also new to cannabis in general. I've smoked a few times so far and never once got high (yes, I know... I'm a nooblette.)
    Lucky enough, I'm pretty open with my parents and they're pretty open with me. When I was much younger they divulged that they used to smoke but stopped.
    After talking to my dad last night, he was receptive about my experimentation but told me he stopped after he "started losing his memory". Now, my parents grew their own plants and did this together for over 10 years.
    Does anyone know if there's any truth to this statement? He looked up facts on cannabis online and was like, "Well... Okay. I see the facts, but I can only tell you my experiences and what I know [about memory loss]."
    Also: we know tons of bad "users" and it gave my parents a bad taste. People like, a couple who hates each other if they don't regularly smoke and even use their rent money to pay for cannabis. How can I explain to them that bad users are just like bad drinkers (irresponsible and in no way the fault of the drug)?
  2. Just wait until granny comes and posts on this thread. With her amazing links.

    Show him those.
  3. Weed doesnt really affect your memory that much. It affects your short-term memory WHILE you are high, but other than that its fine. Heavy smokers may have memory problems even when they are sober, but even this is not permanent. People make out that you become dumb and forgetful, but i definitely feel more intelligent since i started smoking.

    As for the irresponsible users, i know how you feel. Some of my aunties and uncles are alcoholics that used to do crack and heroin, so my parents always use them as an example. The way i see it they were irresponsible low lifes to begin with before they smoked weed.

    Your parents seem cool and understanding though, my parents just make bullshit claims with no evidence.
  4. i feel like even my sober memory may be slightly off. nothing i'd ever worry about and it could just be attributed to i'm getting older (it seems like younger kids have crazy good memories). ive been smoking pretty heavily for about 5 years
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  6. If you smoke often, your memory will be bad even when sober.

    If you stop for a t-break/don't smoke often, your memory will be just fine.
    I come from personal experience as well. If you're a student then stick to toking only on Fridays, weekends, and vacations.
    Remember great power comes with great responsibility
  7. If you get enough vitamin B12 and Omega-3s in your diet your memory will be fine. The next couple days after smoking my memory is a little fuzzy though, nbd.

    Keep toking :D

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