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Memory and Zoning out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OpeAnt, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone! So, I used to smoke here and there when I was in highschool (I'm 22 now) but not often. Recently I started smoking pretty frequently, from not really anything to everyday for a month now. When I am completely sober in the afternoons I feel like I don't retain as well as I usually do and I zone out way more often. Is this normal? I am taking an antidepressant (wellbutrin 400mg a day) maybe it's the interaction with that? Although my doctor says nah, I've read conflicting accounts online. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm not used to smoking daily?

    Anyway, thanks for reading! :wave:

  2. Well done, you figured it out.
  3. Well will it get better as I get more used to it or should I just cut back?
  4. what is this?

  5. its YOU


  6. Nope, it happens when you smoke daily. Nothing you can do about it, except for smoke less.
  7. Same thing happens to me OP. I should add that it was worse web I was on Zoloft.
  8. Yeah, I'll be cutting back.

    Is it just constant?
  9. Just look at the side effects of smoking a lot of weed...idk why you're so surprised that memory is becoming worse...that's like the number one side effect durrr
  10. I'm not surprised about the memory loss, I'm surprised about being very zoned out while totally sober. I mentioned the memory loss so I could lay out everything about myself that might be relevant, its also why I mentioned I was taking an anti-depressant.
  11. [quote name='"OpeAnt"']Yeah, I'll be cutting back.

    Is it just constant?[/quote]

    Yeah, if you're a daily smoker it happens sadly.
  12. get off the poison pills.Take a GNC multi..Get good sleep,eat healthy,ladies,etc,etc..
  13. well done
  14. Honestly you're probably smoking too much. Stop for a week and then smoke like .1-.2 grams or less at a time if your tolerance is decently low and you'll get the more therapeutic effects(comfort, change in perspective, and euphoria) without any cognitive impairment. Plus, your Wellbutrin is already affecting your serotonin(also a little bit of an effect on dopamine) so you should be more sensitive to weed so your tolerance should be pretty damn low. So yeah, stick to therapeutic doses. DON'T smoke until you get high. Smoke, then wait and see if you're a little bit high. If you feel nothing or almost nothing smoke a little more because once you get to a certain point, you're not gonna be able to tell the difference unless you smoke a shitload. Lots of daily smokers should do this instead of trying to get baked all the time. I'm on vacation right now and one loose bowl in my spoon is enough to get me high every morning. Haven't even used up a gram in 5 whole days.

    In therapeutic doses like this, too, it feels really good to move around or focus on something.

    Of course this is with dank bud, .15gs of reggie will just make you a little warm and light for 5 minutes but you'll cough a lot. With dank, less is more. So yeah if you keep doing this your tolerance buildup will be negligible AND you won't feel burnt out after your high is gone.
  15. Thanks a lot for that great response man. I usually do just smoke a lot without waiting very long to see how high I am. I didn't realize how low my tolerance really was until I started browsing around and seeing how much people with more tolerance smoke (which is most people). I'll give it some time and smoke less the next time I do to see how it feels compared to smoking only to get baked. Thanks again man.

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