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  1. I think its the greatest thing ever to get baked (not neccessary though) and then just try and recall every single memory that you can. Just let random memories float in and out of your mind. Its actually pretty rewarding.

    Memory is one of the greatest gifts we have. Use it!:smoke:
  2. ahah thats fun! i also like to listen to a song and just let it ring throug my head and take a sentence from the lyrics and play with it to fit a memory or something that relates to me :smoke:
  3. i remember alot of insignificant things in life that have happened to me.. and i'll bring it up to my one friend since we grew up together and i think of random memories about us and he never remembers them, he doesnt remember shit about our childhood except for major events and shit.

    that must be shitty not remembering most of your childhood except the obvious shit that was a main part of who we were. it always kinda pisses me off that he doesnt remember the shit, like his life has been wasted or something cuz he doesnt remember most of it.

    if you couldnt remember something, would it be worth doing if you had no recollection of doing it?? deep.... haha nah its kinda shallow to say your own thought was deep i think.... deep again!
  4. I agree... It depresses me to think that in 10 years I may not remember most of the fun times i'm having now-a-day
  5. yeah =/ thats a bad feeling. im gonna live it up alot now so i have SOOOO many memories that ill HAVE to be able to pull at least 10 out my ass :D memory is one of the precious things in humanity its a shame its not always photographic... or universal either
  6. got caught up with my memories again last night... bump
  7. Remembering your memories is very good at retaining future memories that your life holds :).
    its a great mental training exercise, and also a great way to observe why you do what you do, and further gain a look into the amazingness of human nature, and, more specifically, your own nature. :D :smoke:

    and its funny to think about the good times. (or should you switch good and funny? hah)
  8. dont dwell on the past or future. live in the present
  9. I enjoy sense memories the best, where a special smell, or sight or sound, reminds you of someone, or somewhere, or sometime really meaningful.

    Like when I smell a burning building, and it reminds me of waking up with the house on fire, and my flesh being consumed by flames. (bad memory)

    Or when I smell a cinnamon Pop-Tart toasting, and I feel like I'm 6 years old again.(good memory)
  10. Memories are wonderful...I like doing the same. Makes me smile.
  11. I love it when a song somehow gain a special meaning and every time i hear it i think of a group of friends or a girl or a special time in my life... I don't know how this happens, it seems to just randomly happen when i hear a song while being with anyone of the above
  12. There alot of stuff i forgot over the years then when i tripped on acid. Somehow my memories is starting comeback and i'm happy about that. ah good memories.

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