Memorial Day?

Discussion in 'General' started by Marvelous, May 25, 2009.

  1. anyone got anything goin on? I'm geting some dank and eatin some ribs
  2. Well, I have work off today, so I'm getting baked, getting ready to mow the lawn and then I'll grab some lunch and watch some baseball
  3. got family coming ova, then my boys coming over. i dunno what to do.. gotta see whats up.
  4. My little cousins birthday is today. Hes getting a fucking bouncehouse I wanna get stoned and jump in. I havent been in one of them since I was like 10.

    Gonna eat a shitload of food. Hopefully get some bud when my dealer texts me back.
  5. chillin right now, eatin some burgers/brats and watchin Nascar with a Bud Light in my hand like any self-respecting Southerner.

    Gotta work later but I'm smokin a fatass blunt with my crew before I go in :D
  6. My family went to the lakehouse this weekend. I had a lot going on this weekend, so I stayed home. No parties :( too busy with work, graduation, playoffs, and commitments to attend other grad parties. I toked twice last night after getting off work. I'm probably going shopping with the girlfriend in a little bit, but I'll toke later this afternoon. Oh and my family bought me a Macbook Air for graduation and it arrived Saturday, so I've been using it a lot. :p
  7. I worked this morning. I got time and a half plus free lunch.

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