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  1. Does anyone else use this sleep helping vitamin when or when not smoking a bowl?
    The way your vivid dreams are enhanced is insane. Its almost like somewhat of a "high" version, for your sleep state.

    Anyone else feel free to share comments, questions, stories, or dreams, etc. on melatonin.
  2. Melatonin sucks dude I used to take it all the time but that shit is so weak it barely does anything
  3. I produce melatonin every time I turn off the lights and darkness enters my optics.

    dont mind my smartass remark :)
  4. I also take melatonin ONLY when I have trouble going to sleep, It seems to give me more energy the next day because my sleep state was soooo deep and rejuvinating
  5. For me, the tropane alkaloids are a much better sleep aid/lucid dream enhancer than melatonin. 10 datura seeds and I'm out in half an hour with enough oneiromancy to make any imagineer quiver with envy.
  6. Where can you get those?

    I like to take melatonin, like I said, especially after I smoke lol
    Because I think/believe that the THC or the Cannabis in general quickly speeds up the melatonin in your body and the pills. So it gives you a faster sleep and deeper for longer sleep.
  7. I pick seed pods from moonflower growing on the side of the road. You could order them over the internet too. It's important to only take 10 seeds for sleep benefits. Seed potency varies greatly and taking too many will put you in the hospital. I like to think of Datura as a natural prescription medication, given that when dosage is exceeded, bad things happen.

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