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Meical Marijuana May help with my epilespy?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by POSTtoker, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I am an epileptic and have been labeled that way since i was 12. My doctors have never known exactly what triggers my seizures and they assure me thhat this is common for epileptics and the information i looked up seems to support their inconclusive test results. My question is, does anyone else here have epilepsy and if so do they feel that it helps their condition? I smoked essintially everyday for three years and for each of those years i had one seizure. Since i cannot afford that anymore i have down on smoking i have had about 6 a year for two years. Problem is that right around the cut back my neurologist switched my meds and this provides a strong variable. I know that was long winded; i would just like some input from others with this condition. I know that i will not receive info from a doctor here i am mostly just curious. Having this condition and not knowing why gets me :(
  2. I cannot remember which documentary it was, but I did see a documentary that discussed a woman who had trauma induced seizures that were almost completely alleviated by cannabis. I don't know if that would translate to idiopathic seizures, but your experience would seem to make that a distinct possibility.
  3. One of the first "medical users" I met, was an epileptic musician named Joey. He said that he could cut his prescription drugs down to about half when he had cannabis, and still remain seizure free.

    There is a reasonable-sized section of links to medical studies and articles on "EPILEPSY" in the first link in my sig. You might want to educate yourself! :D

    Granny :wave:
  4. Right on man. Yeah i just wish i was in a state that was decriminalized. It's just too expensive here but my financial situation might improve here soon. Right around now is when i get mad stressed out with school, work, and girlfriend and having a nice toke would def. chill me out. Shouldn't be too long but in the meantime i will def. try to learn up on med. marijuana and who knows, i might move to a decriminalized state after im finally done with school :hello:

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