Mega hangover, give me your remedy GC

Discussion in 'General' started by MagicHat, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Title explains it. I'm thinking of just taking a few nyquil and trying to sleep it off. Normally, I'd drink some fluids and smoke nugs, but I'm not spending any more money on weed this week. I've gotta be in pristine condition tonight 'cause we're having a case race. What do you guys recommend?
  2. Whats a case race?

    Electrolites are proly your best bet.
  3. Are you just hung over, or that point where you are hung over and still half lit? If you are still kind of drunk the nyquil just makes you feel worse when you wake up, or it does me anyway. Usually a joint and a big greasy breakfast helps out alot for me. Also if you have the means, A Lorotab (Hydrocodone) will knock it right the fuck out. You'll be hung over, you just won't feel it, you'll actually feel good. At least it works for me anything, anyone else try this?
  4. Gather the following ingredients:

    2 cups of water
    2 teabags of green tea
    1 ginger root (and something to grate it with)
    a sprinkle of cinnamon
    3 eggs
    1 newts tongue
    1 fluffy squirrel tail
    2 frogs eyeballs

    Combine everything in a medium saucepan over high heat.
    Stir continuously, while standing on one foot holding a jug of milk at arms length.
    After five minutes, cough twice and throw the contents of the saucepan all over the floor.

    It'll have you back to normal in no time.
  5. That's funny as hell man.
  6. smoke some weed.
  7. Time is the only reliable cure for a hangover. Either that, or make sure to drink lots of water with your booze and/or take two Tylenol's before you go to sleep. I always do that, and the only times I do have a hangover are when I don't do either of those things.
  8. water, tylenol, eat bread. don't skip a step.

    It's best if you can do this before you go to sleep, but if not, in the morning is ok.
  9. 24 beers

    I'm past being half lit because i've been awake for a while now, definitely dont feel 'myself' so you're probably right, mixing nyquil wont work well.

    I added the hammer of Thor. Tasted a hair too salty.

    I probably would've, but there comes a point when you really dont think about those things in the wee hours of the night stumbling back into your room.
  10. We could take this even further. Take some B vitamins to make sure your body is making the best of its energy sources. Me in your situation, I'd go out and buy a Guayaki Pure Mind yerba mate or an Odwalla Serious Focus, hit the bowl and go for a jog.
  11. smoke a lot of weed, drink a lot of water, eat some food, smoke a lot more weed:smoke:
  12. It's actually easier to remember than you'd think. In my ten years of drinking like a pirate, the only times I've failed to do this were when I ran out of pills.
  13. Weed always cure my hangover...maybe buy a little bit of bud man
  14. Should've drank some prickly pear juice before drinking last night. It is a pre-hangover cure. You can find it at most supermarkets, but you need to drink atleast 20fl.oz, the more the better.
  15. Do you guys remember those pills that came out last year that your supposed to take before you drink, to cure the next day hangover?
    How does that work?
  16. Hey, guys.... this always works.


    Hangovers dont just get up and go. :wave::D
  17. As much water as you can drink after you get back home will have you feeling fine the next day. Might wake up in the middle of the night to take a piss though.

    It's really not hard to remember to do this, nor to down the water either, you're already in the drinking mood..

    However, before I knew this I've never been able to cure my hangovers.. My stomach can't keep any food down, and most all liquids come right up as well..

    Don't drink any dark fluids, take small amounts of sprite or gatorade. SMALL AMOUNTS. Even if you feel like chugging it, take a sip every 10 minutes or so and it should stay down.

    I hate hangovers. Smoke > drink
  18. lmao :hello:
  19. Water and four advil liquid gels usually does the trick for me if I have something to do that day.

    If you've got some hours just make yourself another drink.
  20. Well, I took the advice some blades gave me, bought a sack and faced a few bowls in my vape. I'm feelin' better already. Thanks to all!

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