Meeting people at the gym (girls to be specific)

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  1. What up blades, so after like 1 or 2 years of not dating.. I'm in that dating mood again and it's because of this cute chick at my gym hah.
    I'm a pickyass dude when it comes to dating and have never tried to get with anyone at the gym.

    Where/how should I even start?
    She's amazing and I want to sweep her off her feet, advice is appreciated!

    I'm 18 and I believe I already have her attention cause I tend to naturally show little attention to cute girls (bad habit).
  2. I'd be worried, 90% of girls who go to gyms are already dating some one.

    If you luck out and she isn't, just see if you can start a work-out together, then after that see if she wants to hangout for a meal?

    See where it leads. If it works out, you'll get her number and you'll be able to try another date in a few days.
  3. He said sweep her off her feet not be like every other guy , figure out what she likes, then do romantic or not whatever she is into, flatter her, don't be to pushy good luck
  4. I can tell you, I never go to the gym to pick up guys. Something about being sweaty and being in ugly clothes surprisingly just... doesn't make me want to go talk to guys. So my only advice for this girl, is try to catch her before her workout. She will feel more in her element the prettier she feels (and most girls don't feel pretty covered in sweat). xD
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    I'm pretty sure this girl always feels pretty haha but yeah I know how girls are when it comes to appearance.
    The only way I can think of catching her outside is if we happen to go in at the same time. But I doubt that'll happen yaknow?

    I really hope no one has her heart cause I haven't felt this way about a girl since high school
  6. just talk to her. see whats up
  7. [quote name='"Ileishaaa420"']just talk to her. see whats up[/quote]

    Yeah, fuck it. I'm just going to turn my confidence switch on and approach, whatever happens.. Happens
  8. The worst that could happen in that her steroid brofriend comes from behind the corner and smashes you to pieces with 20 lb dumb bells to the face.

    Gym chicks are like the museum imo. You can stare but not fornicate with.
  9. I recommend a roundhouse kick, if you get her with the ball of your foot to her ankle she'll come down like a ton of bricks.
  10. Girls do not find it attractive when their bf's are too protective, that's just annoying.

    Honestly though, just ask her out.. if she's got a guy, she'll say no... if not, you might be in luck.
  11. Haha, I'm not the one to be fucked with from a 'bro'..
    But anyway, should I just straight up ask her out or talk to her first and then ask her out after a couple days?
  12. dont shit where you eat
  13. Just walk up to her with a question or statement relating to the moment. Ex. Damn! you've been running for like 30 minutes you're insane! Hopefully she'll laugh, then proceed to normal conversation..confidence man.
  14. I am impressed with all the replies... all very wise words and they all make sense.

    Like this one. If you can't memorize this quote, you should tatoo it on your arm, this is THAT important.

    And this is another very important advise. Guys are naturally protective of their females, but they are especially more protective at gyms. I don't know. I think it has something to do with some kind of complex syndrom.

    An excellent method to bring someone down, but the OP said 'sweep her'. Which means in this case, the sweeping kick would be more appropriate than a roundhouse kick.

    While girls don't find their boyfriends' overly protectiveness very attractive, their punches still hurt.
  15. Yeah, just gotta go up and say hello probably haha.

    I feel so out of my element at the gym. Maybe it's because it's always filled with tough guys and I'm a skinny white dude. Though I am getting stronger! When I get muscles I'll get all the gym babes. yeeee!
  16. If I was going to a gym, and there was a sexy babe who is giving me the eyes, I would first look for a private spot, where we could fuck without being disturbed.
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    Alright so my game plan -
    Talk to her before she's all sweaty and gross, approach with a simple question.. Whatever I think of at the moment (with confindence of course ;], but not too much). If she happens to have a protective guy come at me, trip him with a sweepkick and if he doesn't budge, roundhouse kick him to the dome. If that fails, I'll kick his roided balls and hopefully it doesn't just piss him off. If it does I'll use his anger against him and once he gets so mad that he passes out I'll ask her if that's the man she really wants..
    and BAM just like that, I'll win her heart :]

    ..infront of the whole gym cause that would be one HELL of a scene..

    Sorry got hella carried off there
  18. I work at a gym. So many hot women... It's a curse man lol :(
  19. I like your style :cool:
  20. OP, let's play the what if game.

    What if, this girl shows up to the gym around the same time you do?
    What if, this girl rejects you?
    I again ask: What if, this girls shows up to the gym around the same time you do?

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