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Discussion in 'General' started by argulor, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. what's the best way to meet new people in my area that i can smoke up with normally? My friends who I usually smoke with are being mad gay and im starting not to like em. I got lots of friends, most of which who dont smoke pot. And I dont want to ask people on the streets if they wanna be my friend lol. I live on cape cod (Bourne) and theres a lot of ppl here but i cant seem to find the right ones. I was just wonderin what a good way to meet new ppl was.
  2. roll up a blunt and go to a large crowd and ask them if u can use their lighter,then ask if they wanna smoke with u??? idk ur problem would be the last prob ill have lol
  3. Just be like are you a cop.. and if they say no be like.. wanna smoke a blunt?
  4. That's not smart. Cops can tell you they aren't cops.
  5. Oh well.. lol im a risk taker.. u just have to seem upset when u ask them.. like something happened and u need a cop..
  6. haha i can picture this now.. someone cryin comes up "are you a cop?""WANNA SMOKE A BLUNT?"

    lmao that is great if that happend 2 me i would die from laughin
  7. Get noticeably(sp?) ripped and walk around asking people if you can borrow their lighter to light a joint. I meet alot of stoners when Im stoned :)
  8. whoa dude i'm havin the same problem as you, except it aint that i dont like my friends, they all kinda bailed out on me. so now i just sit in my house with nobody to chill with n no bud to smoke, n it sucks for sure.

    oh well, thats life i guess
  9. ya thats exactly what happened to my, its like they kinda lost interest with me or something? idk but im supposed to chill with a couple of friends tonight. But ill try some of those ideas ill jsut ask some random people if they wanna smoke a blunt.

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