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Meeting a new dealer...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by G20, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I’ve been dry pretty much all summer, but last night I met someone at a party who gave me the number for a guy he knows that can hook me up. My question is this. How do I ask him if all I have is a name and number? Up till this point I’ve know everyone I bought from so I haven’t really had experience with new dealers.
  2. Do you kno the guy that gave u the #?
    If so, go thru him 4 the 1st deal then after that u should b able to contact him on ure own.
  3. Call him, introduce yourself, tellhim how you got the number and if he wouldn't mind cutting some deals.

    or go through the other guy.
  4. someone you met at a party gave you his dealers number? this the first time you've met that guy ..sounds freakin' sus! :confused: :confused:
  5. It was my first time meeting the guy but my brother knows him.
  6. I had a situation like yours, got a number, didn't know the guy.

    I called up and said "Hey I'm a friend of *insert the dude who gave you the number*, I'm looking for some green, think you can help me out?"

    It worked perfectly, people tend to forget, they WANT to sell, it's their business, so you won't be bothering him.

  7. Thanks everyone
  8. I dont know if its just parinoia but I would do the first deal though the guy that gave you the number. There are too many risks like cops doing stings or undercover DEA agents trying to get buyers to flip on each other until they get to the source of the pot in the area. Just be save and dont take a risk unless you think the guys cool.
  9. ^^^ for real? come on. just call him and tell him what you want, they guy will be more than happy to hook you up...he just got another customer. make sure you mention the guy who gave you the number, he will get a better cut on his sacks probably
  10. That's impossible, do you know the amount of money they would have pay to get a DEA agent undercover and for what? Catching one dude buying a couple Gs. They don't even care if you buy an O, they won't pay someone to ONLY do that job, they want the big guys, and they leave the small guys to the cops roaming around.

    Anyhow, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to advertise that you can get someone weed, I doubt the police will do that...

  11. no, when it comes to the drug war just about everything's legal

    ..undercover cops will ask you for it and when you say no they'll beg you for it. When you go out of your way to help them out they'll bust you for dealing

    They only care about one thing, making arrests and confiscating weed

  12. Yep. But if you go through the other guy, make sure you introduce yourself when you meet the dealer face to face.
  13. Thank god I live in Canada and not the U.S.
  14. when he picks up, ask if hes the same guy as the guy on the peice of paper. then he will be like "yea who is this". Then tell him ur name and how u heard of him or how u got his number, then ask if hes "good".
  15. also ik this works cuz ive gone through like 10 dealers looking for the right one.
  16. people at my school are afraid to use new dealers cause they think theyll get beaten up or something... WHAT LOGIC IS THIS. how many dealers make money buy beating up everyone who wants to buy off them.. at my school i can go to. and have always been able to go to any dealer without the slightest of problems
  17. If I got a random phone call from some guy looking for pot I'd tell him to go fuck himself, then I'd go scream at the person who gave him my number....
  18. things to know about undercover cops:

    they can't do drugs. when meeting a new hookup, before any weed or money changes hands, always smoke with them first. do it out of a bong if possible, because it's impossible to fake a bong hit.

    they will lie. about everything. there are no rules governing what undercover cops can and can't say to you to get you busted. so don't be thinking that they can't advertise, because they can and do.

    cops are usually more interested in the seller than the buyer, unless it's a larger amount. this is due to the strict control that they have to follow regarding any drugs in their possession [it's too much trouble and hassle to have cops carrying drugs around trying to sell them due to legal reasons]. undercover cops are more likely to buy a small bag from you and bust you for dealing, than sell you a small bag and bust you for buying. this isn't to say it can't happen, just that it's relatively safer to buy small amounts, when compared to selling or dealing with large amounts.

    anyway, hope this helps when you are meeting a new dealer. it's always a little shady at first, so good luck.
  19. always easier to go with a friend the dealer knows, keeps them from being spooked out and sketched out
  20. just sack up and call the dude

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