Meeting a girl and then find out she has a BF..

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  1. So, I just started this new job a few weeks ago. Last night, I met this girl there, it was just me and her for the last 7 hours till closing. She was honestly one of the most beautiful girls i've seen. Not in the traditional "big tits blonde babe (hahaha) but she was small cute girl, with a drop dead smile and eyes. So the store is generally pretty slow so we had alot of down time. The whole time we were engaged in great conversation, that wasnt all just small talk. She showed me a beautiful personality and wasnt just some dumb girl like the many I talk too, and very mcuh respectable. We seemed to flirt throughout the night (However work place flirting is very normal for me with girls, although it seemed very mutual haha). I honestly straight up fell for this girl by the end of the night, which has only happend one other time in my life, when i was 16. I really never felt that way towards someone, her as a whole was so attractive. Ive had many girlfriends, but sadly just never really felt connections with any of them which is why none of them lasted. Anywho, about half way through the day, she mentioned she had a BF. Instantly I thought fuck, thats my luck, but who knows, things dont always last hahaha. However, at the end of the night she mentions something about a baby sitter and about her kid. FUCK. She has a 1 yr old kid she had 18, presumably with her boyfriend. All my dreams and hopes were crushed... Fucking sucks :/ Thats life though... Id never want to split up a family, nor would it probably be wise to get involved with a girl with a son. Anyone else been here?

  2. Are you me?? This happened to me too I swear lol. I worked at a bilo and one of the cashiers I liked ended up having a kid and married.
  3. Haha, multiverse? Sorry man.. were just two unlucky guys i guess haha. I still had a good time working with her, I guess it is what it is.

  4. Well you know the saying bro, a soccer team has a goalie, doesn't mean you can't score ;)
  5. Well if you like being around here then why not be friends? Do you have to sleep with every cute chick you meet?
  6. She's got to be somebody's baby, she must be somebody's lady cause she's so fine!

    Dude, a fine ass woman with a sweet personality will get men to fist fight each other for her. You gotta be quick or she will be swept off her feet in no time.
  7. I never said i just wanted to sleep with her, infact that honestly was the last thing on my mind. Id like to be more than friends, obviously, but as said earlier, thats life, and i still enjoy the time hanging with her a.k.a being friends. lol
  8. Maybe you're in luck and her husbands a cuckold...
  9. True that man! if only i knew her a few years ago lol.. Oh well, there will be other fish. Not many, but others..
  10. My wife was married when i met her. She had kids to. Her ex beat the shit outta her and just was a downright prick.

    Just because she is married doesnt mean she is happy.
  11. Yea I wouldn't touch a married chick for a simple one timer, had a chance a couple times. I think you probably go to hell for that, and you are really fucking up some lives.
  12. That sucks. As someone stated, you can always be friends!
  13. mmm. oh the joys of marriage. [​IMG]
  14. At least you know she puts out.
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    Story of my life bro. Where I live (college town) you have a better chance of hitting the lottery than finding a girl single or without kids. I'm dead ass serious. It's either A: She has a boyfriend or B: She has a kid(s) or both or C: They aren't looking for a relationship. I've practically given up hope at this point because I've tried the (dating a girl with kids) route and fuck that shit.
  16. This is why i am glad i know how to work properly with children.. When you don't know what your doing, a kid can be daunting as fuck and likewise, when you are good with the kid, you could like beat the woman and she'd still love ya to pieces.

    If i had one tip for the dudes on this site that can't get a girlfriend and your over the age of 23.. Learn how to work with kids. If you can do that and hold down even a part time job, your in better shape than 50% of the fuckheads out there.

    Just be careful as well. I used to date this 40 year old rich woman like 2-3 years ago and even though she cheated on me, was a drug addict, sex addict and total clepto, i still haven't fully cut the cord and that cord is her son who thinks i am like his dad or something, its kinda crazy actually.. I talk to that kid once a week and have for, as i said, like 2-3 years, even take him out shopping or to a movie or sometimes and literally get nothing for doing it. Shits crazy, kids grow on you. If your gonna get attached, make sure its for more than just pussy.
  17. Right but if she just had a kid her goal is gonna be worn out and probably has a couple tears in the netting as well.

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  19. Married girls are the best, far less likely to fall in love with you or grass on you.

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