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Meeting a dealer for the first time...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by urbal, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. got introduced to this guy the other day through a friend, supposed to be pickin up from him this evening... how should i go about the whole thing, just grab my shit and leave? or offer him the smoke of a joint or something? what would you guys recommend?
  2. Nah man! Be chill try to be as friendly as possible! I have met quite a few dealers and i have to say kindness kills! He will at least be willing to drive farther to get to ya!

    See if he scales etc, if not bring a scale next time, act like you have had better deals though, like youre not impressed. depending on where you do it.

    Where ARE you going to "do it"? That would help the conciseness of the advice.
  3. You gotta feel the situation out. Chances are that you'll be making a new friend:]
  4. Dont force anything. This guy probably sees new people all the time. I would be annoyed if you lingered. Go in, try not to be too quiet, but dont ask TOO many questions either. Just be talkative, likeable, and if hes a nice guy and is talkin back then offer to pitch a sesh.

    Try and take the hints if it seems like youre not welcome to stay longer then the transaction. And dont feel bad if thats the case. Ive bought pot many times where its pure business ya know?
    Nobody likes lingerers :p
  5. Idk man, my first 2 dealers were strictly sticky icky you know, but my new one, fuck im thinking about asking him to go to the river with me lol. He asks about a beer and everything, like the first time we met his GF was in the car and we just chilled and talked about the current laws and bills in legislation regarding medical.
  6. well he seemed like a really sound dude when i met him so it should be relaxed enough, might just see how good his shit is and how he operates for a bit before i go gettin too friendly with him
  7. When i meet a new dealer i always ask "So how is this stuff?" ect. also if he smokes and if we could blaze together sometime. But what everyone else said, just be chill and friendly. :D
  8. well from what i gathered from my friend hes more likely to drive somewhere and meet me like a car park, dont wanna bail too quickly because it would look dodgey to anyone watching but as you say, i dont wanna be a lingerer
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    Just sit there and examine the weed,ask him a few friendly questions...smell the weed..etc.
    And then tell him thanks and dip.
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    Don't act like a noob when you see him or are talking with him over the phone. Know your shit and if you don't, bring a friend who does. Preferably the guy who introduced you to him. If the bag is nice and weighed correctly and you got your moneys worth def offer a smoke down if the enviorment is right, he might throw in too. Just asking this will leave a good impression which is good if you plan on picking up from him again. Not a whole joint maybe a fat bowl. To many assholes rip off new tokers.

    be sure to update and take a pic of the sack if its dank! If its mids don't bother, noone wants to see that shit :p ;)
  11. i get it through a diff friend at the minute but knowing an actual dealer would be pretty handy because im often dry and i dont wanna be a pain in the ass to my friend forever coz he doesnt actually smoke. but i guess meetin him is just like meetin anyone else just with a brief transaction involved
  12. oh another thing is should i bring my girlfriend along with me or just go alone incase hes paranoid bout too many people knowing he deals?
  13. If you know he'll be nice then, just take his hint you know? if he seems like hes rushing it then do the same. If hes down to chill and take his time, then roll with it.

    Oh yea for sure man, some dealers are good like that. I used to go over to this guys house and i would be there for an hour usually. Just sitting, blazing and talking. I was buying QP's off him though, so maybe thats part of it. Ive also had dealers where im in and out within a minute. When i was chopping for a bit, i always tried to let people chill and blaze. You never know when you'll make a new friend hahah Sometimes youre just busy, or you feel like shit and you want to make the sale and peace though...
  14. If you are already bringing friends no, lol you dont want a posse of people following you around in a drug deal its not like its kilos of cocaine lol
  15. well thered be no posse just me and the old doll
  16. OP is over thinking things
  17. You, your friend, your GF

    3 people is kind of a lot depending on where your making the deal. If youre going to be jumping in and out of his car, then 3 people is a lot. But if its a house or public place, go for it. I just wouldn't if its in a car.

    He just has the jitterz, He will be fine after a few times, I know I have been were he is, we all have when we started.
  18. could always offer to match on a joint or something, so your not smoking too much of your stuff. Can't imagine he'd get mad at you for it, and never bad to make your dealer happy.
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    I would just take your friend with you.
  20. probably should let him know if someone's gonna be with you, just in case.

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