Meet... Franken-Robo-Stein

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  1. Haha the name was a compromise between robot and frankenstein....

    It's a two footer that we got... earlier this January I believe. My boyfriend accidentally broke the stem (it was removable) a little while ago while explaining how he broke his last bong but we got it replaced and it's all good! The only shitty thing about this bong is how impossible it is to clean! Right now, we're just using hot water to clean it because we don't have any bong cleaner... but I'm wondering how effective bong cleaner would be on the little bubbler sections. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment

    Full bong
    Imageshack - 007ui.jpg
    Removable Stem/Bowl
    Imageshack - 008iaq.jpg
    Mid-section with bubblers & ice catcher
    Imageshack - 009dn.jpg
    Bubbler close up
    Imageshack - 010jc.jpg

    Any suggestions on how to effectively clean this piece?
  2. Just take out the downstem/bowl and the cover the joint with your hand/thumb, thrown some salt and isopropyl alcohol shake it up and it will be good as new. You can clean the downstem and bowl in ziplock bags
  3. wow you need to clean that thing. i would suggest getting something asap to clean it because the longer you wait the more difficult it will be to clean and it looks pretty caked on the perc already. grunge off. simple green, iso and salt any of those will work.
  4. nice tube, plug her up now and fill her to the brim with simple green!!!
  5. you do know that Frankenstein is NOT the monster right?
  6. Yes I do know that Victor Frankenstein was the doctor who created the monster, i just figured doctor-franken-robo-stein was too much.... haha even though without doctor it's still ridiculously long
  7. Yeah you definitely need to clean that a little better, the perc looks pretty nasty haha!
  8. It's also because I haven't cleaned it for about 3-4 bowls, it looks extra sick cuz the bong water is old
  9. AGH. i need 16.9 FL OZ of grunge off to the perc bong stat!
  10. fuck that a 2 liter bottle of simple green for a half the price
  11. thats groosssssss
    hows the taste????

    lol yoo but get sum simple green or iso and salt

    i use simple green usually now but sumtimes there will be sum resin or sumthin caught in one of my percs or sumthin, thats wheni use iso and salt.
  12. Haha I know it's pretty sick, I should have cleaned it first before posting pics of what should be pride but I just feel bad for not taking care of my robo-stein bahaha
  13. it's part robot right so does it have a self-cleaning mode?
  14. I wish, he's more monster than robo haha

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