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Discussion in 'General' started by Dr. Doom, May 19, 2002.

  1. Greetings my pot smoking friends. I wish to post this little message because I would like to get someone else view on the subject as I am a non-smoking radicalist.

    Yup, that's right, maybe I'll receive plenty of hate mail for that, keep 'em comin. My name is Esteban T.(can't say my full name as I couldn't work anymore, check laterto understand why).. and I'm a freelance photographer. I have another life though, just like them superheroes. Indeed, since I'm 16 years old, (I'm now 21), I've been working with the department of health and justice in Canada. Since I come from a pretty religious background, I soon learned the evil ways of drugs and thus embarked my crusade (hell, we all need one don't we?) against the vile substance.

    and so I was soon hired (one of my teacher recommanded me) to hunt down drug users. I know, I'm pretty dramatic, well, it's more fun to read isn't it. Well, I basically had to act «cool» and get into those 18+ parties, observe for consumpton, leave and call in the cops. You probably think it is terrible, but I did it for in their best interest and it was a very exciting life., but that was then.

    I am now very much in love with a woman who enjoys pot almost more than anything. I must say I find it quite difficult situation 'cause I got my job on one side and her on the other for she does go to those parties. I often had to lie to my employers to save her butt, but the whole thing is getting suspicious. I can't understand this woman, she is soo late back and relaxed and what one would call cool.

    I would be very interested to hear other people's opinion even if I will probably disagree with most of them. What should I do then hmm? I have tu use this internet for my job as to remain relatively secret otherwise I wouldn't get into any parties at all! So women, explain to me what is your philosophy of life? Why have walked away from the Path? I am indeed very interested.

    Esteban, alias Dr. Doom
  2. :rolleyes: .... :mad: .... :smoke: .... :hippie:
  3. what a full sack of shit ,i ever herd ! you want are fine loven woman to talk to you ! you gone all shit for brains dude !no one has the nuts to tell you where its at dude well guess what i am tazz11 !if you want to talk i am all fuck ing stoned on skunk#1 tonight and you posted your ass in the right spot dude ! first off let me say this sounds like the bigist dip shit thing ive herd of yet ! i was a x P.I. and were talking tonight ! so you fuck other peoples lives up because you are at a lost to find one is that what your saying dude i cant under stand it so i got to stop it ,well fuck that thing you call a heart and kick her ass out shes to fucking good for the likes of you! your a prick and you know it she just your rubbing post dude ! if i am wrong and she has found some kind of feelings still left in that thick head and harden heart you better hang on to her with everything you got because you almost gone dude ! think for your self if you dont like weed so be it but great job for a fucking narc ! if you dont realy like the job as much as her get the fuck out of it now not next week ! if you love her you going to bust her ! i am sure she well openly love after that dude ,love dont come easy for some and this sounds like your story dude ! now i am one of those weed smokeing hippies your talking about dont pay no mind to me being a navagationial special ops or a x pinkerton man or a aviationial master tool and tie !or a collector of rare books with a loveing family a wife of 21 years and 3 kids ,shit no ,i am just one of those fucking hippies dude , but you understand this ive you want someone to care about and hear what you have to say we stoners have a open table pull up a chair and let talk ! leave your job back where you came from ,here we are just people loveing life and wisdom ,trying to understand are spirits and souls ,trying to know each other openly with out faer of being hated or made fun of !speck and we well hear you speck shit and well lol at you ! welcome step on up to the table friend and lets see if you still remember the mean of it ! good luck tazz11
  4. NARC!! Run!!


    ::far away::

    Snitchers get stiches

    I knew you'd go down on me
  5. You hypocritical POS. I hope somebody beats you down and shoves your camera up your ass.
  6. bravo! bravo!
  7. Well, Mr.- Dr. Doom-Cop-Narc kinda guy, if you're so intelligent as to work for the forces of "good", then you ought to be smart e'nuff to figure out that for all we know you're a bored, yet semi-intelligent, pre-pubescent dweeb who's parents cancelled their package with Cinemax 'cause they caught you "slappin the monkey" one time too often so now you've got nothing to do but come here and "pose" as the self righteous save the druggies from themselves guy. You think this is something new? You think you're the first to try this? You think you'll actually get any "for real" responses? Sometimes the smell of bait will make the fish leary!
  8. ya has he the idea i am not the dea ,and just wondering if he is playing a con on this web site ! may he is trying to something ,may in real life i am a judge ! i do judge a lot of what i see for that matter ! only the facts matter ! how much dose he know or even under stand for that matter ! tazz dont be mean he's trying to open his mind you two leave him to me i know his kind he's smart but not a brain for say ! young and wanting people to hear him ! ya right tazz he not with it yet he cant make sence of your many spirit in waiting ,you are many people in one he dose realy know what he has steped into yet ! look out pictures are in still shots ,wish tazz knows all to well ! if you to come play with me or tazz or william ! wake up frist he is far beyond your game young man ! step in if you wish to play step away to think another day ! dr doom youve enter the wrong room ! we well be glad to talk to you doom .come play in the ink ,you want only woman to talk to you why? are you a shy lonely preson want kindness or love ,william this is your tounge , he knows his pain hear me he crys ! his spirit has been lied to and he him self let it happen to look good be for others , sold his soul for respect and greed ! doom tazz can cut you with his ink beware he is more than you know ! your a seven year old boy william hold your tounge ! why, i talk to the doc ! tazz dont, i feel he is a young man trying to get woman to talk to him ,what did i say william, yes tazz ! dr you call your self a dr. of death or healing science or faith ! come on speak up were waiting for you to talk ,tell us how your woman holds your heart like candy before your wicked ways of lust and you given in to what you say you hate !we are human are we not ,most humans have one spirit i have many come play with tazz in the ink pages well fly by before you know your self from within ! you want to know your self, thats why your here! is it not ?! tazz11 step back ,high i am bobby are you here to be are friend , we like to meet new kids can you play with us for awhile ! dose your mom care if we play with you !bobby this is no place fore you go play and i'll talk to this him, latter tazz, they want me to play go on with you than! have fun i'll be right here ,dr doom i am ready to talk to you are you ready to talk to me and my spirits , i wont let any harm come to you but dont freak if the witch comes out to smell the blood of your fearfull spirit , you sake with fear! he'll know it !well he walk away thats yet to be seen ,he can heal your hearts pain, make wisdom and peace of mind were nothing was ,you want to frist be welling to give from within ! speak and i well hear you, cry and we know you !feel are pain we well share it keep are trust only if you earn it ! pick up the pen ,your will stand between you and us ,if your words hold true we will know ,if you lie ,you well drown in the ink of your own makeing ! what are you waiting for a clean page a new book ! and idea maybe ! dont waste your time the ink well dry fast and yet are hearts well stay wet with the crying of your soul ! come out and speak ,see and know what is before you ! bring to the table what you are but remember thou shell not want !before you can take you must give, is truth that opens your eyes dr doom see and speak !good luck tazz11
  9. now you know what is on are table here at grass city ,honisty truth ! respect ! wisdom, kindness ,weeds of green! just flowers ,they be ! judge use not for you want not to be judged!your self, i well read your ink tell i feel your spirit with in the words ,look for what you came for , hert no one ! a raiman walks these pages !good luck to you ,i hope you see we are not your evil , we are gods spirits and have the power to love even you if you let us!good luck tazz11
  10. I have another life though, just like them superheroes.

    hmm sounds like someone has a messiah complex.....

    Indeed, since I'm 16 years old, (I'm now 21), I've been working with the department of health and justice in Canada.

    Gee I bet you had a lot of friends as a kid

    Since I come from a pretty religious background, I soon learned the evil ways of drugs

    I am also very religious but in the words of a clever blade on this forum
    "Man made booze and god made weed- who do you trust?"

    and thus embarked my crusade (hell, we all need one don't we?) against the vile substance.

    Which one out of hundreds? Cough syrup? what? Let me guess alcohol's not one of them- the mind rotting and liver and kidney destroying liquid that tears families apart and before you say it- pot only could ever tear families apart cos of the pricks like you who are radical about it.

    and so I was soon hired (one of my teacher recommanded me) to hunt down drug users. I know, I'm pretty dramatic, well, it's more fun to read isn't it. Well, I basically had to act «cool» and get into those 18+ parties, observe for consumpton, leave and call in the cops. You probably think it is terrible, but I did it for in their best interest

    Those people could have gone out in life and become doctors, aid workers and could have done so much good- now you've given them a record do you think any med schools or shit like that would take them on- FOR THEIR OWN GOOD MY ARSE!!!

    and it was a very exciting life., but that was then.

    I am now very much in love with a woman who enjoys pot almost more than anything. I must say I find it quite difficult situation 'cause I got my job on one side and her on the other for she does go to those parties. I often had to lie to my employers to save her butt, but the whole thing is getting suspicious. I can't understand this woman, she is soo late back and relaxed and what one would call cool.


    Get a life and fuck your job. If you are in love with this woman FUCK YOUR JOB- You're only ruining lives anyway...
  11. Well, Dr. Doom,

    I personally think you are full of shit but on the off chance you're not, I think that as soon as your girlie pisses you off then she will be another casualty in your crusade.

    And as far as my life philosophy, you would never be able to comprehend it so I am not even going to try. You want to know why I walked away from this "path" you speak of? Remember good ole' Robert Frost? Well, take this excerpt from "The Road Not Taken".
    "...Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference."
  12. Now that you have established a close personal relationship with a "Druggie" you are having emotional conflicts.Could that be because your subconcious is telling you that what you have been doing during your "crusade" is WRONG?????????
    Not all "users" are slime that need you to "guide" them and "help" them?????????

    You have become a HYPOCRITE and a CRIMINAL!!!!! You don't have the right to bust some, then let others go, due to your "relationship" with them!!

    With your "religious background" you should remember these Biblical quotes:

    "Judge NOT, lest ye be Judged"

    "Let he among you,that is without sin,cast the first stone"

    You have become a LIAR, and if your are truly dedicated to your "crusade", you should turn YOURSELF in to your Superiors!!!!!!! You are well on the way to ruining your own life, apt justice for ruining the lives of countless others!!!!

    "As ye sow, so shall ye reap"

    I hope your inner turmoil and confusion will lead you to see the path you have chosen does NOT HELP others!!! And the ONLY life you need to be responsible for is your OWN!! Try giving Tolerence,Understanding, and Peace a chance!!! Free yourself from the shackles of this mis-guided "Super Hero" complex you suffer before it consumes you!!!!

    Life is too amazing and Grand to spend it looking over your shoulder, watching your back!!!!!!!! :smoking:

  13. I love this qoute, gonna use is a my signature :)

    And to MR. Doom, I respect all people, you too. Just do your thing. Your life is beyond my controle, do what is good for you, and don't do anything to somebody else, what you would not like to have called upon yourself. The road is long.....

  14. sorry not stoned this morning yet that is! lol i iam get a lot from not you doomy but your replys are from some of are great members that have great feelings and you have not only trigered they hate but the kindness from within ! your help the little hippies with in us all ! now if you are 16 and full of shit wich i do beleave at this point becuase if you were with in inway with justist they would have locked you up by now for being so crazzy ! you talk some good shit i injoyed it when i was stoned last night by as they say to day is a nother day ! what the fuck do you want here ! this is unlike other sites and chats ! we care about are site and its members dude ! point is your not going to come here and have your bull shit fun with out get help!if you do what your saying at all you are sick and need help ! nothing i could say can help you make up your own mind at this point its realy up to you so what is your point as i see it i think i remember a while a go someone comeing here in the same way sounding just like you type the same spirit very close and speaking much in the same maners ! useing much the same words and karma! that can only make me think two things ! oneyou are a lost and confused 16 years old haveing fun hopeing you well find someone to talk to and thinking that life is a big game has found our site and think its your move !wich i beleave is true from reading your posts both of them! or no not realy a or your not what you say you are thats just to far to go in your case ! real drop the bull shit come here as a member and maybe you will find your self a much better preson in time if get to know some of are members here .you dont need to be a super man ! to come here ,you dont even nedd to smoke pot for that matter it help relate to others here but we dont demand it !i did read you words over and over last night ,they are staged half way good by someone that wants to know other humans and is not finding it within your own life ! if this herts you to hear the truth ,get a new nick name and come here as a friend would openly and meet some of these great spirits within the ink here at the grass city ! i think you well find we are far more than just smokers ,if you come here as a nother member i think we can help you ,and you well soon forget the trick of makeing up dr doom ! and become your self what ever that is ! but dont think it wont be fun here with out the game of hide and go seek ! learning is always fun from within the city of grass! blades we are one and all stand with us and see what we see if its only tell you get back on your feet ! yes i do under stand far more than my brain and sight can see ! why you ask because your talking to a 3/4 blind man you dont know ! who is the fool and who is the teacher without reading the ink you well never know,and it well be much happer and you well get far more from this site as well asothers if you try to let it happen with reading the ink and learning what you can as you go !i this is the last i well see of the dr doom in you and i hope to meet you as a new member and in time a friend ! i do see within humans like a open book ! what on the page s is up to you ! good luck tazz11
  15. sorry, i like the ink ! dont throw stones at him ,he is as glass and i dont want to have to clean it up latter ! lol good replys from all !i have enjoyed them ! good luck tazz11
  16. [​IMG] OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  17. dr. doom you sound like a fucked up prick and you can be glad that you never showed up at any party where i was in attendance because little pricks like you always get what they deserve so you're gonna get yours you little bitch just too bad i can't be the one to whoop your little self-righteous bitch-ass
  18. oh by the way what is your full name? where do you live? address maybe? you cowardly prick
  19. Wow! All the hatred and anger! I must admit I thought most of you people were rather peaceful and easygoing, what I was going for was a discussion, not hate festival, unfortunately this is it seems to have turned into.

    I must say I didn't see one post that wasn't purely insulting and controlled by emotions. One has to learn to put emotions aside and answer in a objective fashion, otherwise discussions led by feelings often end up unconstructive. I will take the time to answer some of your answers though, as although shrouded with negativity, I was half expecting something like that.

    Mr.Rainman, I must admit I do not remember making fun out of anyone in my message. If I did though, please quote me so I can rectify the latter. As for your open attitude, I find it quite discutable. For in spite of being open minded you used harsh words like head full of s*** of something like that. But I do like your attitude towards discussion, my stoner friend. And so, I will still be interested by your opinion although it's different from mine. Do not be too quick to encourage anger, for it is a vicious wheel.

    Mr.Stevie, I hardly think I am a Narc as my motivation are good and hardly professional since I'm hardly paid at all. Do not be too quick to judge, for I am enclined to change my ways and interested to hear opinions, not judgements.

    Mr.Faded Spinner, as your comment is unconstructive, I unfortunately have nothing to add.

    Mr.Smokinokie, I do not know where this fantasy story about this so-called cinemax comes from. It probably has something to do with paying movies, but I don't watch televsion mutch, too much too do out there. All in the spirit of good will of course. I am not a rich man, money isn't my motivation.

    Mr.Rainman, no no no. You seem to have made up the wrong opinion. There no such thing as shyness once one has convictions. The only reasonI go undercover, as some of you say, is because it's quite hard to be effective when a high number of people are used. As simple as that. Your hard is of a good one if you seek to protect me. But truly friend, I am a protector of my own, and have no time for fear. Ghandi once said the best way to react to complete immorality is with complete morality. Who is blind and who is truth-saying I wonder? It's all a question of perspective.

    I find it very disappointing to be thrown rocks at when I wish to discuss peacefully about maybe becoming and even better man than I really am. I walk a path of virtue. Although there were so developpements with the woman I love. I will post them soon.

    Mr.Eome, as you seem to be quite knowledgable in the filed of psychology, I will let you prescribe whatver you wish. Hmm.. it's not quite like that really. They're usually given a warining, truly did you believe I wanted to lead poor souls to jail? Of course not, my lord is almoghty and forgiving, and so am I. Interesting point of you friend, one of the most interesting so far. Although I do not agree with the use of swear words, but that I am interested with the core of your message, that is what is important.

    Ms. Reform, apart from your insult, I rather enjoyed your quote.

    Mr. Cowboy, alas I hardly think you know who I am but as always are entitled your judgment. I speak no lies friend,I merely use another archetype of thoughts to bind with the consummers. Tell me, you seem to know of the holy bible, perhaps you remember this: I shall draw my sword from it's scabbard and cut both the righteous from the wicked. And so I shall. You see, I must say, I live in a rather poor neighbourhood and never shall I tolerate the wicked to corrupt my community. Also, I cannot turn in to anyone as my comunit are, in some ways, my superiors. And by the wicked I mean godforsaken pushers who sell drugs to the children of my neighbourhood. Those have been hunted and always will be. do thank you for you wondering about my safety, by with experience comes skill, and I with skill comes safety.

    Mr.Superjoint, my thanks.

    Mr.Rainman, you seem to have quite chaging moods. And I feel optimism in your heart. But I do not agree with you. I always have the good of others at heart, and wished to discuss about a topic that have been alien to me for quite while in order to change my convictions for the better. Although, if people of different opinons aren't allowed, I shall solve my dilemna myself, as I would've but without having seen the other side of the medal.


    Esteban T.

    P.S.:Mr. Cheebalajanga, obvisouly, considering the nature of my work I cannot tell you where I live, except that it's in Canada.If do quit my line of work and wish to meet, I shall be glad too, for discussion that is. If it is violence that you seek, I do not think that would be a good idea. Considering what I do, although I despisde violence, I had to train in self-defense but I think violence is never the way.

    P.P.S.: Unfortunately, nothing good is coming out of this, It's just the same old thing, I suppose it was silly of me to expect calm, constructive thoughts. I've had enough of this nonsense (example: Tell me who you are so we can fight), it's quite a waste of time. Wether I follow my heart or my head, will never be know. Farewell.
  20. You're merely a brainwashed servant of the government and a bad one too. Displaying favoritism, telling lies to your superiors and above all not fulfilling your duty in turning in drug-users. Look at yourself, you're a criminal!

    If you weren't a hypocrite you'd get more respect, but what makes it worse is that you choose who gets busted and who doesn't and thats shows how weak your character is. Why don't you turn in your girlfriend for her "own good"? Its for her "best interest" isin't it?

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