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  1. i can only meditate in the rain, as i feel uncomfortable sometimes,
    but getting high and meditating creates some next high!
    but how/where do u like to meditate?
  2. If i'am High anywere anytime but your right the rain also helps me. Although I must say I live in mesa,AZ rain is a huge blessing here even a cloudy day lol. Also now that I think about it more maybe a huge mountain were I can look down and see the whole city :)
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    i like to meditate on my roof when its night time. i try to focus on the sounds of the crickets chirping or the wind. when it rains though its quite a good experiece always soothing to have no shoes on and a towel or a pillow on the roof. herb is always neccessary when meditating for me it bring me closer to I n I. Jah Bless

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