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  1. Hey all,

    I need some tips on how to meditate so that i can reach my subconscious because it seems to me vastly interesting and i can do this when im alone (witch isnt that often but still!) and so i can get in touch with things/put things in prospective

    Any help is appreciated and if there is already a guide out there i must of missed it :p
  2. heres an exerize you can try if your beginer;

    when you go to sleep, before, take 10 large deep breaths through your nose then turn all electronics off including teh light and in you mind imagine the flame of a candle and concentrate on your breating. if you tsart to think elsewhere immediatly bring yourself back to that flame

    also you can ask yourself "what am i going to think next" and you will go blank for moments

    it takes time and consistancy

    good luck
  3. focus all ur thoughts on ur breathing
    just think completely about inhaling and exhaling
    it works
  4. oh, and i forgot heres another thing that helps in the long run; its called lucid dreamin

    it helped me break barriors of what my mind had accepted
    check it out
  5. sweet and how will i know when i mastered this? :rolleyes:
  6. trust me, you will know.
    its a completly diffrent state of mind for me and its free:D
    bliss junkie is 100% correct also
    you just have to keep at it constancy, consistancy, consistancy
    the benifits are endless...

  7. sweet freaking site man :hello:
  8. there is a book called the silva mind control method. it changed my life.
    "This powerful, life-changing system in "Subjective Education" developed over 50 years ago by Jose Silva is the only system that delivers a step-by-step process that allows you to evolve your untapped ESP."

    this is what the book looks like :
  9. nirvana man..
  10. well imma go check it out at the book store when i get the time to do so
  11. Look into astral projection also.

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