meditating while high.

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  1. Does anyone do this? I'm considering learning to meditate because I think it would be greatly beneficial, (nirvana, euphoria, all that jazz,) but when I'm high I just have no patience for it. I should probably try it sober first.
  2. Probably.
  3. um you should probably try it out sober first. I don't get how some people "have no patience" I mean it's not that difficult, and I doubt you have such a busy schedule where you have to be somewhere every minute of your day.

    There's many tutorials and explanations on how to do it on here and on google.. but may I suggest trying out binaural beats when you first start. Then afterwards once you get used to sitting quietly for a somewhat long time you can try without the binaural beats, then move onto doing it high. :wave:
  4. its definitely take a process to get into the grove of it
    who knows, maybe try a guided meditation from youtube when your baked.
  5. I meditate about twice a week. Helps me unwind, relax, and center myself with absolute peace. My goal is to train and strengthen my mind. It's helped me get my eating under control, exercise regularly, and keep a calm mind at all times. I use to be a really serious person, but now Ive mellowed out and came to the realization that were all the universe. No longer do I feel a struggle through a pointless life. The herb has changed my life in numerous ways. Definitely strengthened my meditation too.
  6. There's some great books about meditation. It's very healthy! "The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock has some great meditation info, as well as some amazing information on plenty of other things! :)
  7. Easiest way to learn meditation is to attend devotions at a Buddhist temple. That's where I learned various chants, got the texts to help, and learned how to build a shrine. But I'm more of a learn-by-experience person, you can read books or follow online tutorials, especially since a usually meditation session at a temple can take 40-60 minutes at least (but with a vegetarian meal afterwards =D really is the best place to learn).
  8. My Dad let me borrow this book a while ago called concentration and meditation. It said that you have to practice concentration before meditation. The first examples it used were to think of a direct object in your mind. I would literally think of an orange for ten minutes straight. It didn't matter that I was thinking of an orange, but I was practicing taming all those loose miscellaneous thoughts that come up involuntarily. Concentrating on one thing while high was hard for me at first, but now that I control my thoughts a little better I like to take big breaths, count up to ten and then start back at one over and over until I feel satisfied and ready to come out. Also recommended that you try and enjoy meditation and have a good mindset about it, which I've done. Just see it as that special time of the day where you can stop thinking about any worries in your life or anything in general and just forget it all for a little while.
  9. hey man, i started out meditating (with herb) not in some faraway mountains or spiritual retreat, just my back garden. i find that nature provides the best meditation environment so somewhere where i can hear some birds or sounds of nature, or even at night with crickets, as long as you are away from 'work' sounds like cars, phones etc is a most enjoyable and beneficial experience.

    can start w simple steady breathing (many breathing types, you can do the simple ones) into stomach, relax shoulders and body. have fun!
  10. And when you can't be away from certain sounds, there's always those squishy foam earplugs. ;)

    Alternatively, a good set of headphones connected to music emitting specific frequencies works really well too.

    Binaural beats

    Solfeggio Tones

  11. theres also
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    One of my favourite meditations is to go on an Eckhart Tolle retreat, without having to go anywhere. Listening to one of his audio recording takes you right into the session. It's just him sitting on a chair in front of a load of people. They're attending a 4 day event. There are plenty of silences and everything is peaceful and unhurried, and the tone of his voice, as well as where he takes you, in a spontaneous way, works. Plus there's a bit of Q&A afterwards.

    His words are easy to hear, and if you do it right, you can almost get the same out of it that you might get if you were there, only more comfortable. I like to do it like this:

    Headphones on, a little light vaping, in bed. Can be there for 3 hours straight. Love it.

    There are several of these, but I'd recommend The Journey Into Yourself

    It's not too large, so if you want a copy, PM me and I'll upload it somewhere and send you a link.
  13. don't mean to thread jack, but I think this pertains and may help you. I mainly smoke alone and majority of the time I zone out for 30mins to an hr in the dark, just wandering my mind. Sometimes I have epiphanies about myself. Would that be considered meditating?
  14. It would.

    But you can take it further. You can use the space to come into your body, rather than always going into your mind. This will have the effect of bringing you into the present more, and helping you to maintain it when you're no longer alone.

    Some people like a gentle music in the background on headphones, as an aid to maintaining this focus (just being aware of your breathing can feel boring at first), while others prefer the silence and use ear plugs to avoid any outside sound disturbances.

    In the silent, thoughtless, space, YOU are, and it is from here that the most profound realisations will take place.

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